Amy Marie

Amy Marie


Amy Marie brings a message of encouragement through upbeat and exciting pop/rock music. Her engaging lyrics are interwoven into fresh rock instrumentation to create an experience that draws people closer to God.


Amy Marie is an up and coming singer/songwriter. Her music has been described as "passionate" and "life changing". Amy has a vision for seeing people rise up and worship God on a deeper and more personal level. She is twenty-three years old. Jesse, her husband of four years, shares her passion for song writing, and together they write the songs that they play with their band. At a young age God spawned a heart for music in Amy. She took every opportunity to sing that she could and found herself writing the worship that was in her heart. She has been given many opportunities to lead worship and perform; in youth groups, college groups, and as a guest worship leader in churches across Ohio. Her most recent leadership opportunity came out of a desire to see the kids in her church grow up with a hunger and passion to worship God. "I love music and especially worship...He is the passion of my heart and what a great honor it is to write about Him!"
--Amy Marie


Shine released 2008

Set List

Typical Set is 8-10 original songs including a couple modernized worship songs.
Shine, Saviors Song, Anointing Fall, King Most Glorious, Lift me up, Thank You, Jade, Cricket Symphony