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San Mateo, California, United States

San Mateo, California, United States
Band Folk Acoustic


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Amy Meyers is a music educator from the San Francisco Bay Area, with 5 releases predating this debut children’s CD. On Train and Hens, Amy covers 19 standard kids’ songs, playing with styles, modes and tempos. There are plenty of chances for participation.
“Hello There” is a call-and-response opener for little ones to sing and act out throughout the bouncy number. “Cluck Old Hen,” complete with clucking hen imitations, becomes a tool for counting. Amy switches from minor to major and changes tempo. This has an old time country flavor. “Working on the Railroad” accelerates during the “Dinah won’t you blow” section. It begins with a slow steady beat, adding quicker upbeat drumming and a bright trumpet section.
“Train is a Comin’” is a nice change from the previous pieces with soulful gospel feel and overdubbed harmonies. The fishing song “Crawdad Hole” has a bass line against a jazz piano with great instrumentation breaks.
Taking the old French melody that became “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” Amy covers four genres, moving from classical to rock to reggae and finally jazz all in the same number. “Ba Ba Black Sheep,” a similar melody, utilizes a few chord changes from the standard as she sings throughout at a very slow tempo.
“The Itsy Bitsy Spider” begins with a jazz bass line with heavily high-hat drum backing. Long breaks with jazz piano make this number slightly out of place in what’s a children’s CD Release.
There are many chances for music educators of the very young to demonstrate the elements of music; beat, genre, modes, instrumentation and a variety of styles. This release is recommended for music educators and for parents of the pre-school crowd. The good musicianship is consistent throughout. - AP
- Sing Out!

"LUCKY - Nusi"

Lucky (2008) is one of the best new albums I have listened to this year and I highly recommend it. Every song is beautifully crafted, the production simple but perfect, with just the right amount of instrumental and vocal back-up by Jeri Jones and Pam Delgado of Blame Sally, Judea, and Margrit Eichler, among others. - Nusi

"LUCKY - Freddy Celis ROOTSTIME"

Musically she is very comfortable in the Americana-folk-rock with her catchy melodies and soulful singing. In the US Amy can count on regular airtime at local radio stations. These days her 7th album is released named "Lucky". If 7 will be her lucky number is inconclusive today but what we can say is that we from rootstime can speak about a beautiful album. "Lucky" has 11 self composed tracks which she explains in a leaflet with the CD. In this way Amy makes it easy for us to do our job.
The first song is "Hate to Cry", a song about resisting change; got her an honor notation in the category Americana from the West Coast Songwriters 2008 International Songwriters Contest. Also the first single "Summer Town" which got high ranks in the local charts is on this CD. Accompanying herself on acoustic guitar Amy sings about a variety of subjects through her meticiously written lyrics. Aside from that she also dares to sit behind the piano if that instrument is needed to communicate the mood/feel of the song, like "In the Clouds". Also, a rich number of instruments and musicians are present to enrich the songs.
As our favorite songs we chose "Long Throw" about the appreciation of the support of a loved-one; "In the Clouds", the piano riffs based "January Days" and the titlesong "Lucky".

"STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL - Julie Nakahara (A&R)"

Well crafted songs. Strong vocals. Solid instrumentation and well written lyrics. All songs are quite memorable and hooky. Overall, a really nice, tight, strong CD! Really enjoyed listening to it. - None

"STRANGE & BEAUTIFUL - Collected Sounds"

Meyers has an Alto voice that slips into falsetto occasionally giving it a unique lilting quality. She is accompanied by several instruments but mostly piano and acoustic guitar. I especially like “Good” – it’s funky and fun. “Girls Like You” also has alot of personality...For the second half of the CD, she makes use of piano as well on a couple of songs and it sounds great. “Downside” is especially pretty...I think “How Long?” is my favorite track here. It’s one that stuck with me upon first listen and when I heard it again, it felt like an old friend...The CD starts out sounding like straight up folk, but then a pop song “pops” up. Later comes an adult contemporary piano ballad, then when you get to track ten, it almost sounds like jazz, while the next track, “Spring,” borders on classical complete with strings (and is beautiful)...Because there are so many styles in one, maybe only open minded music fans will love every single song, but there is something here for everyone. This is a really nice CD. - Collected Sounds - Amy

"CROSSING - Collected Sounds"

Meyers makes folk influenced pop with smart lyrics and memorable tunes...she has a few things in common with Shawn Colvin, but she is a bit edgier.
- Collected Sounds - Anna Maria Stjarnell

"OPEN ROAD - Totally Adult"

In the mid '90s, Amy Meyers left the popular Bay Area band, Plain Folk, to pursue a new road of musical expression. In 1997, she released The Wheel, which was warmly received by local critics and gave her the confidence to continue with her music. She now returns with an EP that clearly shows musical growth and a renewed willingness to experiment. Meyers' music is certainly folk-based, with a distinct pop sensibility (due in large part to her beautiful vocal style), yet you can't help but notice her efforts to stretch things out. In fact, each of the five songs on Open Road have a different musical feeling; however, there's a common thread that runs through them all. "[These songs] are all about moving forward and leaving things behind that are hard to leave behind, and just going for it." says Meyers.
- Totally Adult - John Schoenberger

"PLAIN FOLK BAND - Twangin'!"

For a folkier slant on roots music, check out The Plain Folk Band featuring singer/songwriter Amy Meyers, whose amazing voice, lovely songs, and compelling performance style always improves this clubgoer's attitude... the Plain Folk Band, a folk/blues/pop band doesn't twang so much as it grooves. Meyers has a pretty but muscular voice, and works it out on my favorite song, "Burning."
- Twangin'! - Cheryl Cline , San Francisco Reviewer

"TRAINS AND HENS - Children of the New Earth"

Have you got a little kid in your life aged 2 through 6? If so, check out the new CD by Amy Meyers – Trains and Hens. This is a real sing along treat for the little ones, with old favorites that we’ve all sung when we were growing up. It’s hard not to sing along as you hear I’ve Been Working on the Railroad, or get up and dance to a swinging rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Litle Star. I even found myself going through all the hand movements I learned in Kindergarten when Itsy Bitsy Spider played.
Amy and her band have a wonderful fresh approach to a lot of children’s favorites, and you can tell that kids of all ages will dance and sing to this delightful album, which includes participation by children and barnyard animal sounds contributed by playful adults. It’s obvious that these musicians enjoyed putting the album together, and you can’t help but smile as you listen to each song.

- Children of the New Earth - by Kathleen Jacoby

"LUCKY - Frank Gutch F.A.M.E"

Amy Meyers has to be the most positive person in music outside of those crazy "Up With America" types, if they still exist. After a few times through the album, I read reviews and sat through a handful of screenings of Meyers' YouTube clips (Five have been posted by her, a couple of those in the childrens' section, so to speak). A few more times through the album, a long break, a few more times through and it hit me. Meyers is HAPPY (or at least, content), and if she isn't, she sure knows how to pull the wool over the eyes. You hear it in her voice. Better yet, you hear it in her music.
Don't get me wrong. The subject is not always that positive. No Turning Back is about the futility of mankind and its penchant for war. Hate To Cry is maybe about love, maybe the struggle with life, it's not really clear. Long Throw, absolutely about love. Summer Town, images of a change of season. In the Clouds, a change of life. You get the idea. All good songs, but more important than that, each centered on a simple theme of hope. You hear them and walk away feeling better. For the next few minutes, if nothing else.
Meyers has a unique way of phrasing that caught me a little off guard, at first. Her voice wavers slightly, especially when she extends her notes, but it grew on me after a few songs. It is a pleasant voice, a nice voice, and how could you not like the positive inflections? They fit the music to a 'T'.
For myself, one track stands far and away above the others—the aforementioned No Turning Back. A jazzy tune, something one might play at night with the lights turned down, it floats on minor chords and brushed drums and a clarinet like you hear all too seldom—and those background vocals… This is a good album, no doubt, but No Turning Back is a great track and one wonders if maybe Meyers might, just for one album, do us a favor and sing a little lounge jazz. She has the pipes and especially has the feeling. It's just a thought, but one I thought worth mentioning.
Meyers recorded a number of CDs before this and I might just go back through and check them all out. People who know me know how big a fan of sampling I am and the music is there for the hearing. I might even take a gander at Trains and Hens, her album of children's songs I grew up with (just try to get someone to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm these days…they look at you like you're nuts) and, hey, Episode #1 of her kids' show is showing occasionally on Comcast.
See what I mean? I can't help but smile. Life is good.

- Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Frank Gutch


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Ashbury Hill - The Plain Folk Band

***Amy's song "Good" recently licensed by Sara Hickman appears on Hickman's 2006 release, Motherlode



Amy Meyers has inspired many communities with her music, both adult and children. In May of 2008, she released Lucky, her 6th CD of original folk/pop music. "Summer Town" from Lucky charted at #4 on Folk Radio with the album coming in at #14. Her live performances are highly energetic and full of honesty as she quickly connects to her audience and brings them right into the show. Her songs are unique and memorable with melodies that will have you singing along and lyrics that speak for all.

Amy released her 1st Children's CD, “Trains and Hens” in December 2006. “Trains and Hens” was recently picked up by Indigo Books & Music for distribution throughout Canada. Last year, Austin, Texas' Sara Hickman licensed Amy’s hit song, "Good" from Strange & Beautiful which appeared on Sara’s latest CD,”Motherlode.” Amy is actively performing concerts for both adult and children's audiences all over the Bay Area and has a new Children's Television Program called "Hello There" airing on Community College Stations throughout California.

Amy began her journey in her home town of Dallas, Texas where music was a big part of the Meyers family. Her mother, Libby, was an excellent pianist and gained recognition when she was asked to "fill in" at the last minute as an accompanist for Tony Bennet. As such, both Amy and her sister began piano lessons at an early age. Piano lessons led to voice lessons and writing and performing original songs as well as enjoying many leading roles in local musical theatre. College years were spent majoring in theatre at Northwestern University and adding guitar to her abilities. After deciding that New York (Broadway) was not for her, Amy headed West to California to pursue a career in music. Now 15 years later, after 7 CD releases, hundreds of shows, awards, local and national radio airplay, and continued perserverance, it seems to all be coming together for her.