Amy Regan

Amy Regan

 New York City, New York, USA

With a recent feature in a national Hertz commercial, a spot on Music Connection Magazine's "Hot 100 Unsigned Artists" list, and two acclaimed record releases, Amy Regan is "poised to take the music world by storm."


With her emotive songwriting and warm, soulful vocals edged alongside the mesmerizing sounds of the guitar and piano, 25-year old singer/songwriter Amy Regan is creating music with both purpose and substance. Drawing comparisons to artists as diverse as Fiona Apple and Laura Nyro, Regan has burst onto the NYC music scene playing regularly at venues like Rockwood Music Hall- where she was discovered by a DDB-NY art director who recently came knocking with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to star in a commercial for Hertz, with Regan and her song “CARRY ON” being central to the commercial’s storyline.

Remaining unsigned to a traditional label, Regan is quickly gaining acknowledgments from music critics - with Alyssa Rashbaum (MTV, SPIN, VIBE) raving that “Regan has the untainted swagger of youth, the confidence and bravado of adulthood, and the soul of the classic female music icons.” Music Connection named her one of their “Hot 100 Unsigned Artists", and Berkeley's Place Blog says of her latest release, "It seems impossible that this collection wouldn't yield interest, or a full-out contract, from at least five record companies."

Regan performs consistently at major showcase venues across the U.S. including Joe's Pub (NYC), The Hotel Cafe (LA), and The Tin Angel (Philly) and recently finished a spring Northeast tour. She's played alongside such notable acts as Ben Kweller and Sharon Little. She is now hard at work preparing her new album, scheduled for release in the fall of 2012.


Everybody Needs Somewhere To Go

Written By: Amy Regan

Early morning, before sunrise
I leave the note by his bedside
saying it's not that you haven't done your best
baby I just miss my loneliness

I've got a mind to ease,
a hunger to feed,
and a destiny to please.

And everybody now, everybody now,
Everybody needs somewhere to go.

Now I'm too quick for my own tricks
‘cause I left him at nine, found another by six
I said I'd try him just for kicks
but then I'm craving him like an addict needs a fix

I always lose control
of my restless soul
when I force it into some greater whole

But anyway, everybody now, everybody now,
Everybody needs somewhere to go.

Oh I've the kind of mind
that makes its own rhythms and takes its own time
and I've learned to find its lost locations
when I put my present situations
to past…

Maybe I'm the staying kind
but the destination’s harder to find-
harder to find, harder to find

When I'm saying that everybody now, everybody now,
Everybody needs somewhere to go.
Everybody now, everybody now,
Everybody needs somewhere to go.


"And Then There Is This" EP (2008)
"Gonna Get Better" EP (2010)
"Pretty Little Baby" LP due out 2012

Set List

One set - 45 min. to an hour