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"EP Review by Alyssa Rashbaum (MTV, SPIN, VIBE)"

At just 21 years old, Amy Regan has the untainted swagger of youth, the confidence and bravado of adulthood, and the soul of the classic female music icons. On her debut EP, the classically-trained singer (as well as pianist and guitarist) commands your attention through six gorgeous tracks, dancing between angelic and dulcet tones, effortless harmonies, and even a successful skat interlude. On album opener “Everybody Needs Somewhere to Go” - in which Regan delivers the sage line “It’s not that you haven’t done your best / Baby, I just miss my loneliness” – she gives a nod to Fiona Apple with breathy vocals that and subtle restraint that hints at controlled chaos. On “So in Love,” Regan directs dramatic strings and a brushed snare to follow her vocal turns. And in case you weren’t already rapt, she proves her a capella ability for a dramatic pause. Regan is at her best, though, on “Nighttime Bird,” where she transports the listener back to Ella Fitzgerald’s era, using the piano’s melody as a formality and showing skat skills that show her admiration for Ella and her peers. - Rebel Spirit Music

"Amy Regan at The Bitter End"

This was a big treat for me. I’d been trying for quite a while to get to what is becoming a regular showcase for Amy Regan at the historic Bitter End (147 Bleecker St, NYC). The club boasts being the oldest rock club in the city. Think of any legendary name in rock history and chances are they’ve played here. And the club continues to showcase hot, new talent. Some are destined for greatness and Amy is one of those for sure.

I’ve written before on my own site about how I love Amy’s songs just from the times I've seen her alone with a guitar in Hoboken. I bragged to anyone who'd listen about the beauty and honesty in her words and music. Her songs keep you riveted thanks to a quiet simplicity and a remarkable maturity in such a young artist. Amy revealed yet another side of her commanding talent when she sat behind the piano for the few songs.

Joining her tonight was Eshy Gazit on bass and Patrick Carmichael on drums. In his home country of Israel, Eshy cut his teeth with some of the country’s most popular musicians. Since coming to NYC in 2005 he has played on many fine projects including Aria, Climb and World of Otis. For the past ten years Patrick has performed with the likes of Woody Allen's Jazz Band, Bill Haley's Comets and The Lion King on Broadway. Their contributions added a firm pedestal on which Amy's work could shine.

There would be a pattern of proud fathers tonight as I had the pleasure of meeting Amy’s dad who is—quite understandably—very proud of his daughter. Also at the show was my buddy and fellow performer Troy Wise who pointed out the cleverness behind Amy’s work as he saw it. The fact is, all songs have a certain structure that defines the pop-ness of it. Amy tends to toy with that throwing in subtle twists and turns. So subtle that, though the listener can sense it, it's on a subconscious level and never feels uneasy or contrived.

After watching the show, snapping some photos and ordering drinks, I noticed our server had this look of familiarity. You know when you catch a glimpse of mutual recognition in someone's eyes from across a room but its root is not immediately defined? All it took was her walking over and saying, “Hey, I know you,” to remind me. Her name is Anna and I met her at Union Hall in Brooklyn. I was there to see the band Stand. Her leg was in a cast and we joked about the very large brass elephant on the bar.

At the end of the night, Troy and I stepped out into the rain on our way back to Hoboken. We kept talking about Amy’s music and stopped for some pizza in between quelling rumors he had heard about me. No need to reveal the details here other than to say they came from a most unreliable source. The whole thing made us laugh and neither the bitter words of small people nor the rain could dampen the end of this fun night. - Murph Guide

"Amy Regan Will Melt Your Heart"

Walking into the Goldhawk, I saw Amy Regan sitting quietly, soaking in the music and looking very relaxed. I didn't approach her at this point because I know that sometimes folks like to have alone time before going on stage. So I waited knowing full well that this girl was about to blow everyone away.

She says that songwriting has been a part of her life since she was 13 and she started performing at 15. Now at 21, there is a remarkably mature soul in her youth. Her songs of love and loss are sung with the conviction of someone twice her age. And there's a bravery to how she lets her feelings spill from the stage that many performers cannot muster. A word of warning to anyone in the room, she will melt your heart.

There's no avoiding it, just be prepared. Most others will only pretend to look at the audience to fake a connection as part of their act. They might stare into nowhere or gaze at the tops of heads. But Amy will look you square in the eyes and sing the most heartfelt emotions. This takes a kind of guts that someone like me who's been playing shows longer than she's even been alive doesn't have.

This set was a short acoustic one which I had seen before. I'm dying to see her with a full band, but each time she plays at the Bitter End or wherever, our schedules don't mesh. For now I'm more than happy to watch her alone with her guitar. Keep your eye on this one because I expect a whole lot from her in the future. If you haven't heard or seen her yet, you should. - Stephen Bailey


"And Then There Is This" EP
"And Then There Is This" Single
"Carry On" Single
"Some Kind Of Blues" Single



Versatile singer-songwriter Amy Regan has garnered
a reputation for keeping listeners on their toes, moving
effortlessly from a soothing folk ballad to driving acoustic rock to a jazz-tinged ditty. With her honest delivery, she blends well-developed melodies and unexpected harmonies into an accessible sound. Her multi-faceted voice, which delivers everything from a low intimate whisper to a soulful wail to an angelic soprano, suggests a maturity and sensibility well beyond her years. This is the kind of music that
will hit you immediately, but will also continue to charm you as you peel through its carefully constructed layers.

Based in NYC, Amy Regan recently finished her debut EP "And then there is this" with Deerslayer Productions, on which she wrote all songs, arranged string and vocal parts, and played guitar and piano. The EP is on rotation on the New York-based indie online radio station, Harris Radio, and was reviewed by
Alyssa Rashbaum (MTV, SPIN, VIBE) on She plays regularly with her band to packed rooms at New York's singer-songwriter hotspots, including Roc