Amy Somers

Amy Somers


Soulful and articulate acoustic songs


A song writer since the age of 8, I view song writing and performance as a medium for communicating ideas and experiences. I write and sing about the light and darkness of this experience called life; of love, humour, bitterness and joy.


Currently recording LP with Hugh McDonald (of iconic Australian band Redgum) in Melbourne.

Set List

My set list comprises my original songs. The list below which are polished and ready to before is about 50m of performance. I can add to this or reduce this depending on your requirements.
Last year 3m30s
25 years 3m40s
Prone 2m20
Waiting 3m10s
Cutting the cord 3m30s
The law of attraction 2m10s
New wine 3m20s
Scorpio 2m55s
Let's see 1m50s
The beautiful people 2m52s
Moon song 3m16s
Lay your head down 2m29s
Your news 2m31s
Beautiful soul 3m35s
Pagan 2m35s
All your love (Happy Father's Day) 2m31s
At hello 2m50s
Therapy 2m50s
Women 1m57s
Old friends 3m10