Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

Amyst is a Hardcore/Electronica Band that is exploding into the scene in 2011, with Heavy Verse's and Catchy Choruses. They are collaborating sounds together and redefining music in such a way, that it will blow you away.


Amyst was founded by Frontmen as well as Brothers, Pavlo and Vasil Fenik. Jesse Meiring found them on myspace all the way from South Africa and auditioned to play drums, he has then since moved over and joined them in the Philadelphia. Bob Ash then soon after joined to play guitar, and finally Nick Verlardi on Bass.

Amyst is a Five-Piece band, just entering themselves into the Hardcore/Screamo/Electronica scene. They started in 2009, releasing their debut EP "The Eastern Silhouette", with influences coming from Secret & Whisper, Saosin, and Circa Survive. Self-Promoted they released the EP on iTunes, where there has been a great response toward it.
Soon after they release they began writing their Sophomore EP "Chapters In her Diary", This with a much more original sound, having very heavy musical tracks, with loud melodic vocals that stretch out as far as you could imagine. Since it's release in Fall 2010, it has received an even better success than the previous EP. They managed to play their first show on the Vans Warped Tour 2010 in Cincinatti, OH, through the submission of "Chapters In Her Diary"
They are currently working on a full length album, where they will be taking an entirely new approach to their sound. With head-splitting musical tracks backed with strong vocals and screams.
Of the 4 demo tracks that have been released from this new album, they have received a huge amount of feedback, all incredibly positive,and it has skyrocketed their fanbase to over 30'000 on Facebook, 25'000 on Myspace, and they have been making Purevolume's Top 10 list frequently since the start of January. Our drummer has also just been given a Class-B endorsement with Truth Custom Drums.
Influences coming from We Came As Romans, Asking Alexandria, Woe,Is Me, Sleeping With Sirens, and of course adding their own additional twist to the music, Amyst intends to explode into the scene in 2011.


Lyrics for The 2011 Demo

Written By: Amyst

Let's Do Things We Don't Do in Real Life:

the ocean sings of violet, the sweet taste of salt brings you back, the memories of you and me, sweet taste of salt sets me free, fly away back to the place that kept you sane on lonely days, let the waves tuck you in, and pass you on to the currents, the current will take you, i'll watch from the shore as you peacefully drown, you tread water like a bird in the wind, so desperate as if you want this

I'll Always Be Around (Waiting For You):

have you seen your face through the eyes of a thousand lions, if i were you i'd rip it off and only wear it at night, my arms are longing for you, i'll always be around waiting for you, my heart is waiting for yours, i'll always be around wanting you, you are my baby that's been crying lately, you've been hiding in your skin, i can see through the seams, and it seems that heart's not so pure, you always found a way of sinking into me, tears run down your face, i've lost my faith in you, like the rain from the sky, to hear you out

To Sketch Memories In Stars:

i've always slept better when you're sleeping, better when you're next to me, and this isn't getting any easier, can you feel my breath from across the sea, if i start swimming now is it to late to meet you, i'm not saying that i don't want this, if you stay on the surface i swear i'll reach you, so bottle yourself up and leave just air to breathe, follow the stars, they guide you to shore, they guide you to me, can we pretend its all in my head, that's where i like to be

Lyrics for Chapters In Her Diary

Written By: Amyst

Magical Creatures:

She woke up to find herself beneath the native faces, the voices so softly whisper her name, and as they reach for her she smiles back, they said, "welcome to your new life, this is where your dreams come true," and in the dark their eyes glow bright, and as they wish goodnight, they hold her hand tight, hold her tight

Discovery of the Bicycle:

Its violet shimmer from its structure attracts her attention as she walks alongside with something on her mind, her new friend leads her through the valley to open up, the river sings to them, "you don't fit in, you don't have to," she wanted that porcelain doll more than anything, she grew uneasy with envy like caged wildlife, before the sunset they hear the trees shiver and return home

Letter to Grace:

"We lay asleep, just you and me, and no one knows, and no one can tell me why we belong together, angel, if you leave me this way, I will be undecidedly happy, I think nothing of it, and yet I can't fall asleep, they can think what they want, but I still choose this, they can judge you, but I still love you, if you leave me this way, I will be undecidedly happy, finally you will be where you wanted, always, to be, we can be together forever this time, we'll start all over again, throwing away everything we've ever saved"

Don't Cry, Someone Might Hear:

She stands in the middle of an open field like the first star in the sky, her eyes sparkle with the sight of dandelions, she bows to pick them, and it starts to rain, the petals start to wither, the yellow turns to white, and blows away in the wind, their life pours out into her hands, a dark forest grows around her, she spins in circles trying to find a way out, the native faces stare back at her, as they come close with shining eyes, she wants to say those words they want to hear, but her tears won't let her say things, won't let her speak, she hides her eyes hoping this is a dream, but the ground breaks open and she falls in, she falls and grows wings

The End of the Carousel:

The cracks branch out and blossom with flaking paint, the clock is ticking in circles, the lonely moth is amused, she watched her tear run down her side, her reflection starts flickering on and off, the water stains crawl onto the silver, the lonely moth is drawn to the light, she watched her tear run down her side, for the last time her pretty face sees the light, finally her heart stops beating, she lies so peacefully, she flies into the clouds through the gates of love, a beautiful angel grabs her by the hand, she never woke up to find herself


Demo 2011 (2011)
- Let's Do Things We Don't Do In Real Life
- To Sketch Memories In Stars
- I'll Always Be Around (Waiting For You)
- Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor Swift Cover)

Amyst on WMMR Radio (Philadelphia)
- Don't Cry Someone Might Hear

Chapters In Her Diary (2010)
- Magical Creatures
- Discovery Of The Bicycle
- Don't Cry Someone Might Hear
- Letter To Grace
- The End Of The Carousel

The Eastern Silhouette (2009)
- The Elephant (Original)
- Monsters
- Befriend The Ghost
- Into The Stars
- Sand Castles
- The Elephant
- The Eastern Silhouette
- The Elephants

Set List

1). Let's Do Things We Don't Do In Real Life
2). To Sketch Memories In Stars
3). The Way Mickey Wears Those Shades
4). I'll Always Be Around (Waiting For You)
5). If You Want to Hear This Song 12 Times Over, Hit Repeat
6). Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor Swift Cover)