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Amy Stroup


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Some people just know what they were created to be. Singer/songwriter Amy Stroup is one such individual. From an early age, Amy has desired to write songs about the truest things she knows... the merging of life, love and spirituality.

Amys roots began in Boston, but soon her family moved on to the south. She grew up in Abilene, Texas and there began her journey into songwriting and touring. Combining the thoughtful depth of Boston and the distinctive Texas style, she engages audience through catchy melodies and lyrics that explore refreshing truths about life, love, and spirituality. On both guitar strings and piano keys, Amy engages audiences with original lyrics that go beyond typical lyrical terrain.

She has a wide variety of influences ranges from Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, to Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, and more. Currently, Amy is recording her third independent release entitled Chasing Greenlights due out Summer 2006. Amy has released two independent albums: Solidity (January, 2003) and Here I Am (May, 2004). One of Amys singles, Almighty God (Here I Am) was included in Provident Music Distributions 2004 PULSE CD project. Amy was cited on the project as one of the "Emerging New Artists for 2005". Additionally, Rocketown Records invited Amy to record on its Gloria Christmas album in the fall of 2004 along side produced by Charlie Peacock and artist such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith were featured on the project. Amy has opened for numerous nationally touring acts such as Shane and Shane, Andrew Peterson, Shaun Groves, and others. Amy currently resides in Nashville, TN. She plays for conferences, college venues, student ministries, churches, and various special events.

Moved to share Christs message cross-culturally, Amy has performed in Baja, Mexico and Panama City, Panama for which she translated her songs into Spanish. She plays both as a solo artist and with additional players. Amys dynamic, authentic and acoustic style seizes hearts relationally and relevantly.

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Chasing Greenlights

Written By: Amy Stroup, Steve Savage, Paul Buno

©2006 Amy Stroup
I call you to come alive
I call your soul to life
I call you to get up and rise
I call you to leave it behind

Pre Chorus:
Live breathe Drink Feed
Rest Dream Sing Scream

I’m chasing the mystery Chasing the dream

Feeling the freedom To see what I see in you

What I see with you

Runnin on empty tryin to pass

Streets are getttin sticky But I’m still drivin fast

Chasin the green lights

Verse 2
I wish I could get lucky and win the prize

Feel like I’m loosin’ I don’t know why

Guess I’m moving in my own time

My own time

I think I Love You

Written By: Amy Stroup, Steve Savage, Paul Buno

I Think I love you
By Amy stroup

I know you thin k its strange
To see me walk away When I said I love

I know you can’t see my pain
i know you feel rage
I know you

Pre chorus:
But there is a haunting in your soul
That makes your love unpredictable
I know you love me That not what I can’t see
But do you love you

Friend my best friend I think I love you
Friend my best friend I think I love you
Will you love you, too

Your memory lingers with me at at night
I can barley sleep, I call for you

You just sip it away
surrounded by the pain of others

Pre chorus:
But there still is a haunting in your soul
Makes you love irresistible
Your still easy to love even when darkness hovers



"Chasing Greenlights"-2006
"Pulse Cd" (various artists)- Provident Distribution-2005
"Gloria"(Christmas)- Rocketown Records-2005
"Here I Am"EP- Solidity Music- 2004
"Solidity"EP-Solidity Music-2003

Set List

Most of the set is original music mixed tastefully with other artist influences such as Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, Lucinda Williams, Sheryl Crow, classic country and other popular music.