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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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"Amy Stroup / The Other Side of Love Session Three"

Amy Stroup may not be a household name, but chances are good that you’ve heard her music if you aren’t one of those people who has sworn off TV forever. She’s got a pretty impressive rap sheet actually, with Castle, One Tree Hill, Private Practice and Brothers & Sisters being among the many shows that have featured her music. Considering the general sound of her work — acoustic with tinges of pop and rock, vocals that range from quiet and raspy to higher and crystal clear — it’s no surprise why those shows like her so much. It also gives you a pretty good idea out of the gate whether she’s going to be your cup of tea or not.

“Alas We Inspire” is one of those slow-building, acoustic-turns-into-sweeping-orchestral-music songs with Stroup’s breathy rasp talking about how lost she is until she finds someone she is missing. “Just You” is a mid-tempo acoustic strummer where Stroup croons (beautifully during the choruses) about having waited all day for the sunset, “my love.” “Backed into the Corner” is a shuffling pop rock ditty lamenting how times change and things don’t always turn out the way you want them to, so much so that you soon feel like caged animal about to strike.

“Quiet Hearts” matches ethereal guitars, echoing vocals and thrumming percussion with some of this album’s best lyrics: “Just when you think you might fall apart/ Grace falls down on quiet hearts/ You don’t have to yell/ Don’t have to yell.” “Redeeming Love”’s uplifting piano pop sound and message are marred only slightly by Stroup’s vocal misstep — a problem which also appears at points on the album’s final track, “Find Your Way Out” — as her vocals never quite find a range that matches the music.

This album’s six tracks are largely pleasant and showcase Stroup’s engaging and somewhat uncommon vocals. The music isn’t terribly progressive or complex, but given what it is — perfect radio and TV fodder — this collection of songs is smarter and more worthwhile than most. The Other Side of Love, Session 3 is pretty decent stuff. - Subeversion Magazine Online


NSN Amy Stroup; Serena Ryder 5-31-09:

If you look back at my blog for the Feb. 15th show, you'll see this night included a promise fullfilled - a return visit from Serena Ryder, this time with her full band and electrified. But first was an outstanding singer/songwriter who grew up in Abilene, TX but is now Nashville-based. She's just released her 4th independent project, a digital album called "The Other Side Of Love - Session One." During her set, she was joined on 3 songs by another top Nashville singer/songwriter, Trent Dabbs. She opened and closed with my two favorite songs by her, which are on rotation on my personal Zune.

I Fell For You
I'm In
Leaving Tonight
Long Way Home
Come On Back (w. Trent)
Chin Up (w. Trent)
Hold The Light Up (w. Trent)
Orphan Clothes
Hold On To Hope Love

Then it was time for Serena Ryder's return. She played solo acoustic back in Feb. This time the whole band was in tow for electric versions of these songs from the multiple Juno Award winner:

Is It OK
Blown Like The Wind
Brand New Love
All For Love
Winter Waltz
Dark As The Black
Sweeping The Ashes
Why Can't I Love You
Little Bit Of Red
Weak In The Knees
Melancholy Blue -

"Artist Review"

Sometimes I get a craving for new music. Well, let me rephrase that, I always have a craving for new music but sometimes I let myself loose on iTunes and Amazon buying anything that strikes my fancy. This week’s artist is a discovery from my last music rampage. Amy Stroup grew up in Texas and knew she wanted to do music right out of high school. When her parents asked her if she wanted help buying a guitar or a car she without hesitation chose the guitar. Her mom took her to Dallas where she picked out a Taylor guitar (she chose well) and began writing her own music.

Amy now resides in Nashville, TN where all the talented folk go to try and make it big (it’s not called Music City for nothing). She seems to be having some success as she is in the middle of her fourth independent release. The Other Side Of Love is a four part release, Session One is available now on iTunes and Sessions Two through Four will be available over the next few months. Check out Session One on the playlist below.

Amy has a little country flare to her music but that is not the genre she restricts herself to. Amy writes her own songs about love, loss, life and the usual with a little spiritual reflection as well. Her first album Solidity, released in 2003 and Here I Am released the following year are spiritually themed albums with songs about her relationship with and faith in God. Her third album Chasing Greenlights was released in 2007 and shows her trying out a new genre in pop still sticking to her spiritual roots. With the release of The Other Side Of Love: Session One Amy seems to be on the love boat. Maybe she has fallen in love? We’ll see with the release of the next three sessions.
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"Born After Vinly Event"

n Oct 4th I participate in the BORN AFTER VINYL event at NETTWORK’s edgehill building. This is from

Last night was the first Born After Vinyl event and thank you to everyone that came out to support us and Eric! Thanks to the artists (Lanae’ Hale, David Condos, Amy Stroup, Andrew Osenga and Kyle Andrews. You are all so talented and it was a blessing to see you.

We had a great mention in the Nashville Scene as a critic’s pick. Check it out below….

Today’s unsigned artists face a unique predicament: greater access to the means of producing and distributing music, but an increasingly saturated market that threatens to overshadow even the staunchest self-promotion. Forming collectives among like-minded artists is an obvious remedy—Movement Nashville, anyone?—and the Born After Vinyl series of events takes this grassroots tactic a step further. Named after a digital compilation put out by Rocketown Records, the meetings encourage networking and talking shop about the current state of the industry. And if you’re looking for a little less moral apathy along the way, the gatherings also add social consciousness to the bill—no surprise from a label with a Christian bent. The first event features performances by locals such as Kyle Andrews and David Condos, but also doubles as a benefit for Eric Volz, a former Nashvillian currently imprisoned in Nicaragua. Volz’ mother Maggie Anthony will be on hand to speak, and all proceeds go to her son’s legal defense fund. 7 p.m. at The SYNC @ Nettwerk (1201 Villa Place, Ste. 206) —TRACY MOORE
Upcoming shows:
11/28/2007 Brentwood, TN
12/05/2007 Brentwood, TN
12/06/2007 Franklin, TN

view all
Buy it! Visit Amy's Myspace
- Nashville Scene


The Other Side of Love Sessions 2011
The Other Side of Love | Session Two | 2010
The Other Side of Love | Session One | 2009
"I FELL FOR YOU" featured on Lighning 100.1 Nashville Local Lighning Spotlight
Chasing Greenlights | 2007
Here i AM | 2004
Solidity | 2003



There's a reason Amy Stroup's song "Hold Onto Hope, Love" has appeared at poignant moments of ABC's latest season. From an emotional scene as Kitty battles cancer in Brothers & Sisters to a climatic close of Private Practice, Amy's music communicates on levels spoken words can't reach. Far from being perpetually melancholy, Amy's songs also uplift as with "Chin Up," featured on Castle.

As an independent artist, Amy has released four albums under her own Solidity Music label including, The Other Side of Love | Session One. She partnered with ACM award-winning producer Nathan Chapman on the project to deliver delicately honest lyrics, pure vocals and smart instrumentation.

More recently, she has taken a less conventional approach and collaborated with a few good friends to release the next three sessions of The Other Side of Love. Sessions Two, Three, and Four of the project will house the songs "Hold Onto Hope, Love", "Chin Up", "Odds of Being Alone", and more as debuted on ABC.

"I try to focus on writing simply a great song, one song at a time, and when you are working with people you genuinely enjoy and live life with, the music naturally comes and speaks," says Amy.

Amy draws from a range of geographic locales and musical influences, having called Boston, Texas and now Nashville home. There, she earned a liberal arts degree in marketing and classical guitar from Lipscomb University. Growing up, her musical influences included songwriters Ennio Morricone, Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin.

:::From {Amy Stroup}::: My mom asked me when I graduated high school if I wanted help buying a car or guitar. I sad without out blinking, a guitar. So we bought an acoustic/electric Taylor guitar I had, had my eye on and haven't looked back. That summer I did need a car, so I saved up a little more and bought a 1983 Toyota corolla station wagon, aka " tan lightening" and drove it 900 miles from Abilene, Texas to Nashville for college. I paid $800 dollars for it. In the middle of touring and writing songs, I still found time to read a book or two and graduated college with a degree in marketing and classical guitar.


Some people just know what they were created to be. Singer/songwriter Amy Stroup is one such individual. From an early age, Amy has desired to write and perform songs. She wrote her first song at age five. Amy's roots began in Boston, but soon her family moved on to the south. In Abilene, Texas she began her professional journey into songwriting and touring. Combining the thoughtful depth of Boston and the distinctive Texas style, she engages audience through catchy melodies and lyrics. She has a wide variety of influences ranges from Bon Iver, Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, to Ingrid Michaelson, Sheryl Crow, and more.

Recently, giving nod to the evolving music turntable, singer/songwriter Amy Stroup releases her fourth independent project entitled, The Other Side of Love | Session One. On this project, Amy partners once again with platinum selling, ACM award winning producer and friend Nathan Chapman to create an enduring sound seasoned with delicately honest lyrics, pure vocals and smart instrumentation. As her previous other albums, Amy wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the album both melodies and lyrics. Sessions two through four of the album will be released digitally every few months in three to four song bundles, focusing on the eager digital download market. Prior to The Other Side of Love, Amy released 12 songs on Chasing Greenlights (2007). Additionally, Stroup gained notoriety on National Public Radio by Garrison Keilor�s, Prairie Home Companion as she was named �Top 20 Songwriters under 30�. Amy resides in Nashville, TN where she is active in the songwriting and touring scene performing regionally and internationally to over 6 countries world wide.

Things I have done/things I love
1. I have summited 6 mountains in Colorado all over 14000ft.
2. Loretta Lynn was the first person i met in Nashville
3. I bought my first car for $800 dollars, �tan lightning�. Toyota Corolla Hatch Back.
4.My favorite movie is a river runs through it, and the book is great too
5. In 5th grade my best friend and i started a band called "Greenleaves"
6.. I love French pedicures
7. I went to five different schools from kindergarten to my senior year. No more moving...
8. I love watching football in the fall with friends.
9. I go to a concert at the Ryman every year for my birthday.
10. I love running in the rain in the summer.
11. I taught myself how to play the guitar
12. Cool to think about. �Don't lose heart, though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is