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"Rising Alt-Country singer/songwriter"

"Catch rising Alt-Country singer Amy Wallace... Backed by a talented band, Wallace puts on a great show and this night won't be any different... As someone who has seen her perform a bunch of times, this is one of the gig I can promise will be worth checking out."

-- Dan Kohn ( -

"Amy Wallace Show Review"

"I wrote this review on a napkin wrapped around a bottle of beer. Amy liked it. That message should convey the type of show that Amy plays and the type of person Amy is. I've seen the Amy Wallace band play to a crowd of rusted barbies and burnt out magicians, I've seen her play to a crowd of sorority girls. All seemed to find an intimate connection with the music. Amy personifies the image of an authentic Austin musician. She battles through University during the day and finding the stage by night, ready to rock and then roll out for another gig. A hard working musician with the kind of passionate playing and organic vocals that make you want to relate to her songs. The band does a solid job of representing the folk rock genre, providing solid lyrics with the occasional and fully appropriate electric guitar solo. The recent adoption of a fiddle player has brought the band to a nice balance, providing the rock band experience with a bit of country sophistication. " Review by Tim Myers -

"California Girl"

CALIFORNIA GIRL: Midland High graduate making things happen in L.A. music scene

Musicians often make for great stories because they're frequently filled with tales of playing dusty smokey bars, nightmarish experiences and road weariness.

By Jimmy Patterson
Online Editor

Published: Friday, January 16, 2009 8:01 PM CST

Musicians often make for great stories because they're frequently filled with tales of playing dusty smokey bars and nightmarish experiences and road weariness before they're even out of their early 20s.

Amy Wallace is no exception. What sets her apart from the remainder of today's young musicians making a go of it in Los Angeles is that Amy is a Midlander born and raised, a 2004 graduate of Midland High School who already possesses a deep understanding of what she wants, how she wants to sound and how she intends to get from struggling singer to successful artist. She knows just how to market herself, from her MySpace page ( to something as simple as dropping off cards with her name and web address at potential venues like Midland's Ground Floor, where she played an acoustic set during a visit home for the holidays.

Give a listen to "I Don't Deserve Your Love" on her MySpace and it is immediately clear: Amy is a talent waiting to break out. The quality and depth of her music and lyrics is far from typical for someone her age; her music is that of a seasoned veteran, not an anxious newcomer, and it is worthy of the praise it is already receiving.

Not bad for a young woman who in the first part of this decade was a varsity golfer and basketball player at Midland High, and who later went on to become known around Austin at clubs like Momo's as "that sorority girl who's a musician." Only difference now is Amy is that UT graduate who headlines at L.A.'s Hotel Cafe, a club that has served as a springboard for emerging artists and has been named the Best Music Venue in LA as well as one of the Top 40 venues in the country. It's also where Lucinda Williams, Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles and Colby Caillat sharpened their picks and launched themselves into stardom.

Getting that regular gig at the Hotel Cafe Amy counts as one of the biggest successes on her road to becoming a household name. The other break -- huge, huge break -- was the good fortune of a well-timed airplane flight.

"I met a girl, Laura, who said she had a friend who was a musician in L.A. and could possibly pass along my resume to some people for me," Amy remembered. "She asked for my web address just to listen to my tunes. It wasn't two hours later that I got a call from her saying her friend loved the music and wanted to talk to me about working as a musician versus working on the business side of the industry. I met the two of them for drinks and it was then that I learned that Laura's friend was Paul Freeman, a new artist signed to Sony Records by Clive Davis."

Davis is one of the most influential names in the recording business, a pretty important guy to be associated with by just a single degree of separation.

When Amy first moved from Midland to Austin in the Fall of 2004, she hopped into the capitol city's world-renowned music scene immediately. In fact it took only two open mic nights for her to be offered a paying job at Momo's on Sixth St. Amy says her entire dorm, Hardin House, came out for her debut.

During her time at UT, where she graduated with a BS in Communication Studies, Amy also developed a heightened level of Christianity during which she said "the Lord tugged at my heart like never before." After investigating the possibility of making a mission trip to Africa or Mexico, personal circumstances kept her closer to home. When she made the decision to stay stateside she ultimately headed west, hoping for an interview with Warner Bros. Records. It was on that plane trip she met Laura, who would make those important connections for her.

Prior to making that decision and during her spiritual renewal, Amy had put down her guitar and her singing for six months and so the decision to leave Texas brought with it a newfound sense of creativity.

"When I went to L.A., I was just excited to be going back to something I knew I loved," she said. "It was both scary and exciting. I've always known I have the ability to do it, and I knew if I didn't, I would always wonder 'what if' for the rest of my life."

The dates at the Hotel Cafe will no doubt continue for Amy, a singer-songwriter-musician so good she may even qualify as Midland's next big breakthrough name since we have a president just now stepping off the main stage and out of the klieg lights. The next big step in her young journey will come in the spring when she will record an EP, a shorter recorded work than a full-length CD.

"Hopefully, it will sell like hot cakes and be placed on television and film," she said. "I have various managers and music supervisors and A&R representatives ready to hear what I can offer so that's what I intend to give them by March or April: a new EP ready for the radio and ready to be broadcast to whomever is willing to listen."

Listen to Amy's music on her MySpace page, or go to iTunes to buy her first CD, "Behind Brown Eyes." - Midland Reporter Telegram


Amy Wallace EP "Angels and Devils"

Past releases:
Amy Wallace self-titled EP (2005)**
Amy Wallace, Behind Brown Eyes full-length (2007)**

**Out of print as of April, 2009



After her parents discovered her sneaking off to a Sheryl Crow concert, a sixteen-year-old Amy Wallace sat in her room, grounded. Instead of twiddling her thumbs, Wallace made a decision that would change her life: she decided right then and there to pick up the guitar she had bought with saved-up babysitting money, teach herself to pluck the strings, and write down a few songs. And that’s where our story begins.

In 2004, Wallace moved from her hometown of Midland, Texas to Austin to attend the University of Texas. There she not only studied Communications, but also developed her passion for music and became immersed in the Austin music scene. It didn’t take long for the college community to discover this unique singer/songwriter had something special.

Wallace built a loyal fan base from the ground up as she hit the stage at some of the best-known and well-respected venues in Austin, ranging from the legendary Antone's to The Saxon Pub, Momo’s on 6th and Hanover’s. It wasn’t too long before Wallace released her self-titled debut EP, followed by Behind Brown Eyes (2007), which spread her music to new listeners in Alaska, New York, California and Europe.

With a college degree in one hand and a guitar in the other, Wallace "got out that old suitcase she couldn’t afford to use” (to quote her song "Angels Called Us Home”), hopped in her car, and headed out west to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of sharing her music with the world. Her transition from Texas to L.A. instilled Wallace with a new perspective, which in turn gave her pages and pages of new ideas, songs, and inspiration. She played her first L.A. gig at the legendary Hotel Café, and has been playing there comfortably ever since. In April of 2009, Wallace released her most recent EP, Angels and Devils, currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Virgin Online, and emusic.

In addition to her solo gig, Wallace recently started up a new writing team
known around L.A. as The Music Department. Their first single, a Christmas
song titled "Christmas With(out) You," is due out this November on iTunes.

When Wallace is not performing, writing, or in the studio, she spends her time in the outdoors cycling, mountain biking, hiking, or running. She has a weakness for pizza and desperately wants a dog one day.

By Kelly O’Connell
Edited by Etan Rosenbloom