Amy Zamarripa

Amy Zamarripa


Original acoustic music. Soulful lyrics with a full voice. Guitar/mandolin playing roots inspired stories of Life, Love & Spirit. Vintage sound.


Living in Tulum, Mexico in 2004 teaching yoga/massaging for a resort...I realized as beautiful as it was...there was no music scene for me to thrive in. I came home to Texas and settled in Austin. I met Jamie MacLaggan in 2005 and we've been collaborating ever since. We've recorded 2 demos and are working on a full cd of originals. We enjoy a monthly gig at Cafe Mundi here in Austin, playing at the Cactus Cafe and The Green Muse. Innocent as Doves is the name of our duo.


Hidden away

Written By: Amy Zamarripa

Rainy days Your lovin' ways
Sure do me good Sure do
Soft kind eyes Sweet bedroom sighs
Ring true Ring true

Hidden Away

Long dark hair Your lover's stare
Wind caresses fears away
Rainy days Your lovin' ways
Take me there Take me there

Hidden away

In the sky By the riverside
In the woods By the ocean
Up on stage for all to see
You walk with me You walk with me

Hidden away

Years go by My heart flys
Close to yours Always
Bringing me closer still
To you To you

Hidden away

One day soon Time will pass
Far beyond the ocean
Our heart's dream will find it's way
Home Home

Hidden away


originals uploaded on (our duo name)

Set List

We have two sets, 45 mins each. The first set is all originals: 1. Crazy but it's true 2. In a hurry 3. Raisin' myself 4. Just Be 5. Big Sky 6. A Natural Way to Love 7. Colbalt blues 8. There's Love 9. Wild 10. Right in Time 11. Rolling Slow 12. Down so long

Second set has some covers mixed in with originals:
1. Orphan girl (Gillian Welch) 2. Can't quit ya baby (Willie Dixon) 3. Come to the water 4. Sweet note of Freedom 5. Hidden Away 6. New Day 7. Land beyond the river (Natalie Merchant) 8. Turtle blues (Janis Joplin) 9. Lord, Protect my child (Bob Dylan) 10. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 11. Love at the five & dime (Nanci Griffith) 12. Hallelujah in my heart (Carlene Carter) 13. Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly) 14. Amazing Grace 15. Wayfaring Stranger 16. Hey sweet man (Madeliene Peyroux) 17. Amen