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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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The Flowerbed of Oblivion

Every now and then something comes along that just won't let it itself be pigeon-holed as a 'done before', 'heard that', 'once dug that' kinda sound. The Flowerbed of Oblivion, a musical offering from the attractive distaff troubadour and (of) quintet assemblage, Ana Bhraka, more than flirts with novelty. A fusion of genres seems somewhat crude an assessment of this band's surprisingly eclectic compilation. I haven't enough communicative skill to fully describe this work. Unpredictable, yet seamlessly melodic, and with some honest softness and punishing soul-fullness, this album is sometimes a fusion of 'folk' music, (circa 1960s+) woven with a timeless "Floydian"'steel and rock', and at other times, a united exploration, almost trans-dimensional in nature. However fleetingly, the work darts into a futuristic, almost cosmic realm.

At times, hauntingly beautiful, tender and cruel, and then teasingly and seductively 'funky', the sounds cover light years of space; I especially love that spacey sound. This is a signature band. I want to hear more of their work; I suspect a great many others will as well! The frankness and depth of this album reaches into my musical soul, whether I like it or not! The album evokes some deep emotions from within me. I didn't know what was hitting me or quite why! Now excuse me for my cynicism, but so much of what I hear of in today's offerings, however might it be skilful, flamboyant, and universally admired, suffer the hubris of musical and emotive pretension.
Refreshingly, Ana Bhraka is thoughtful musical honesty.

Jane Eliot spearheads the band as lead singer and rhythm (acoustic) guitarist. Her vocal style cannot be pigeon-holed (either). Her phonation is clear, articulate, and there is a somewhat kabbalistic message that beckons the ear. Her voice has an unostentatious quality, gentle, sober and with an orphic, deep-souled , almost mystical quality, which seems to convey and deliver ideas with subtle, un-tethered emotion! Listening to Flowerbed of Oblivion, one gets the impression that she and her band are capable of even greater breadth and dimension. The vocal harmonies, used sparingly, are beautifully placed and occasionally juxtaposed with prominences of exquisitely sophisticated (paradoxically passive and powerful) musical flares and arpeggios. The whole production, really, deserves an "A." I'll have to listen again, many times, to hopefully resolve some of the arcane messages within the work. An "A+" might well be forthcoming!

Having pulled the strings a bit in my life, I was moved by the clever yet frank guitar pieces. That controlled and mature crunch is well executed. The axe-work is precisely hewed and beautifully complimented with elegant keyboard tracks, sensually demanding bass, and drum. The electric 6-string explores many sounds, and effects are used intelligently. Control is a good descriptor for the whole sound: guitars, ivories, skins and tongue. The sound is tight, pleasantly punchy and richly rockin! There is controlled motion and cohesiveness throughout the body of the compilation, with a gentle purposefullness of instrument and lyric. Flowerbed of Oblivion is an absolute must hear! With baited ear, I await the band's next release.

Peter A. Brady
(musician/critic) - Peter A. Brady

..."I REALLY like your songs!" (Bob Ezrin)

..."You have a very cool voice, I'd love to produce an album with you if I didn't already have a job." (Andy Slater)

..."(Ana Bhraka) have a great sound. I think they will go far. It is difficult to place a label on them...some sort of fusion between rock, folk. alternative, new can't really put a thumb to it. Their sound IS new and it is wonderful" (screaming monk)...

..."The songs are very cool. And your singer's got a charming voice!" (Pierre from Mobile)...

..."I just finished screening over 400 submissions for our rock radio station and your band is one of my favorite." (Tony, Outbound Radio)...

..."Much thanks I received the CD I and I REALLY loved it much, very well done!"(Vic Mendoza, DJ)...

..."Pistol bullets and Nurse's needle; The elaborate music of the efforts here drift into the ambiance, as if there was a restaurant at a beach side resort where the shades are always drawn, the patio is a mile away even though it's really only a few meters, yards, stone's throw. The band in the corner shuffles through a narcotic haze as if the breeze got them drunk...they're not coming back from what ever trance they're in. U2 took the haze once, and shifted from punk into epic stadium performance. We're not here to lecture on drugs nor to give history, so we'll be brief: expansive music suitable to stadium intimacy."(kingofbermuda, critic)...

..."I always feel better after listening to Ana Bhraka" (Noolmusic)...

..."Amazing...The show was perfect.seriously, sounded better than I could have ever expected...(My expectations were
high) ...Classy, fun, revealing, sweet, rocking...A real treat..."(David Martin)

..."a true work of art. Your CD is a joy to listen to, and I will treasure it. Mysterious and detailed, yet simple and comfortable..."(Johnny Bell from The Red Light Saints)

..."You guys kicked butt at Capital and had the tightest most controlled sound of the night... the presentation was awesome. Spotless performance." (Tristan from Nathan Mahl)

..."You are real and I loved your show! Your material, your authentic stage presence, it was pure poetry, in words and motion, the vibes that you generate is food for the soul. Rock on little dragon with butterfly wings for you have the power to set this weary world on fire and I'll be watching thru kaleidoscope eyes." (LorAnge)

..."no 'buts' about it, different and great" (Marko from Myspace) - Various

..."Compelling intro. lots of different colors coming at you but lots of space in the mix, a suspended waiting experience, great strong progression to bring in the words, then a beautiful, waifish female vocalist I'd like to know better. There's a kind of wistful nostaglia and clean popishness to this song that reminds me of a blend between classic Pink Floyd and a Northwest band like The New Pornographers... "shine on you" is one of those sublime moments that happen so rarely that I can't believe"
-PaulBarsom from State College, Pennsylvania

..."I'm in love with the vocalist's sense of melody. I want to do a song with her. OOOO!!!!4 I really like the key change in the middle of the song. Now I really like this song... Great note at the ending... the flatted note, makes it a bit scary. Love it! This is one of my new favorite songs!$"
-duckmindmd from Merchantville, New Jersey

..." ..nice use of them, not contrived or overused. Nicely written song, I love the arrangement. Great vocals in this, what a pretty voice. Ive got nothing negative to throw in here.... very impressive, and a very
artisticly lush soundscape. I really enjoyed this alot, thanks"
- Guernicasongs from Temecula, California

I <3ed it!
..."It's got that mix of different genres, which is a good quality in my eyes about Alternative Rock. You can do ANYTHING with it, and you proved it. A great song."
- SULKlowdKingdom from Hagerstown, Maryland

..."Wow! This is one of the best, most unique tracks I've heard here. The intro was very understated and didn't really hint at the mood of the rest of the song. Great vocals, and well-written lyrics. The melodic hooks are catchy, perfect closing. There's nothing here to nitpick. Great, five-star track. Keep doing what you're doing."
- TommyUdo from Alexandria, Virginia

..."Once again great guitar sound. They are so talented. This track has a lovely musical sound to it and I loved listening to it. Vocalist has a really nice voice, its moody and soft, lovely. A slow song which has been well written and produced.
Musically (drums and guitars) excellent as well."

..."This is one of the best songs I have heard on this site so far....believe me, I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it. The production is magnificant. It's like a female Peter Gabriel song. It has so many different things to pay attention to. I love slow smoky vox, very sultry."
- JakeCurtis from Decatur, Illinois

Mazzy Floyd
..."Intro has a welcome to the machine feel lending a very melodic progression. Vocals are great, well delivered. Reminds me of Mazzy Star. Arrangement is dense but not overstated, everything in it's place. Minor key interlude is perfectly executed. Definitlely adds mood and tension which is released in an explosive return to chorus back to main melody. I very much enjoyed this song!"
- Jpjk from Angola, Indiana

No Need to Argue...It's a Great Track!
..."I'm really digging on this intro. Gets my attention immediately. Nice guitar work...not too pretentious. Simple, folksy sound that really says rock. Yay! Female vocals! Nothing makes me happier. And she's got a great set of pipes too! Shine on me anytime, girl. Your vocal style is incredibly appropriate for these lyrics and this sound. Nicely structured lyrics, that totally fit the overall sound. Those words are meant to be sung THAT way...congratulations to the composer. Now the bridge...adds a whole new feel to the track. Great job changing it up a bit while still staying true to your mood. All in all, I adore this track. It has a strong Cranberries feel, and not just because the vocalist is female. It just has that special quality to it that I haven't heard in a long time."
- cantfindmypants from Azle,Texas - Garageband

Wonderful intro!!! Very atmospheric and a perfect amount of reverb on the guitars! Love that stressing synth in the background. When the vocals creep in they made my hairs stand on end --- her tone is eerie and mysterious. Wonderful piece of work here!!!...
kactus23 from Tacoma, Washington

The lyrics seem to describe some sort of fairy tale. Does this go well with the masculine genre we call rock? Yes. Why? The tune has some rippin' musicianship involved. Everyone involved on this recording has some talent... The vocalist is quite enticing. Singing as though in a whisper, she easily pulls an ear closer. When the band kicks in, it kicks in perfectly. The drums don't just stray to a simple back beat, but goes to an off-beat tom groove. I dig. The prodution on this tune can't be better. I have no gripes about it. A little off the edges and this tune is ready for radio. Thanks!
- AEADrums from Sturtevant

...I love the vocals and the
arrangement is beautiful. 1:50 I REALLY love that buildup and the guitar, this is an excellent track! Wonderful structure arrangement vocals and production!
- musicequalslife from Woodinville

What a great mood to begin -- a little acoustic guitar waltz, with solid bass runs, coupled with slightly menacing strings in the background, then the whispered female vocal... Very haunting and lovely. By 1:20 we shift to a more conventional rock song -- swelling organ and bass -- by 1:55 we're fully there, complete with distorted guitar and some swirling guitar solo work on top... Well done. The singer has a lovely voice--... very nice indeed, and the outro takes us back down to the opening strain before dissolving everything in distortion that sounds like a rainstorm. This band has some range, as evidenced by this tune -- engaging and effective songwriting. There's a hell of a lot to like here...
- Frengel from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Instrumental Beauty
The repeated accoustic guitar in the intro of this song gives me a eerie "dark empty room" type feeling. I like the squeeky sound produced from sliding the hand from chord to chord (typically I'd say it sounds really bad, but it totally fits the dark mood).
The somewhat blurred voices at 0:25 add a nice touch. The fact that I can't understand them adds to the eerie feeling, but a hint of comfort is provided with the repeated vocal pattern.
The uplift at 1:20 is just perfect. I still cannot understand the vocals, but who cares, it just sounds awesome.
-Comlag from North Muskegon, Michigan

i like it - its nice and moody. strange but alluring. Dont really know what to say..i dig it. Guitar solo is great. Best song I have heard today so far.
- Devonm11 from Houston, Texas

This song was really moving. I could feel the singers emotion. The guitar solo was heart pounding....
-thicknessawareness from Knoxville, Tennessee

deep, echo-y mix draws you in imediately. some nice things happening in the mix - definitely a mix you get the most out of with headphones. spooky and dark, i could imagine this as a soundtrack to a horror film...
-circamusic from Murrieta, California

Lovely Guitar and Bass
... The song is eerie and disturbing, but beautiful and melodic. The Keyboards are haunting and the vocals don't overpower the mix, they just dance around enhancing the verse until the chorus comes in, which is just absolutely beautiful.
I REALLY liked this tune!
- Retrowarp from New Monmouth

very haunting song,wicked transition
...the song is very moving with good lyrics and mood in the music.the song almost puts you in this type of mind set as it works you into this persons head that is on a trip through a field of flowers and has no return.the song ends as leaving the listner to guess what has become of this person and will there be a sequel...this could do well!
- staticoliver22 from Columbus

EPIC in sound and performance
The intro is captivating with the acoustic guitar. Then the vocals come in wispering and we have a shoegazer song and I love it. It builds to the bridge that lets go into a full rock sound. EPIC!!!
- Atigra from Detroit, Michigan

pink side of the floyd
the guitar work of floyd. gilmour would have been proud...
I really like the female vocal and it takes a lot for a female singer to sound great in a more male environment which rock surely is, not in a sexist way of course, just a factual way. Lovely tone to the vocals and as haunting as the music behind...
Length of the track is good but I was wanting more.
1 more chorus. Go on...
- brazdog from United Kingdom

Frodo Baggins
The intro for this song proved to be very interesting to say the least. It was very etherial and spooky to say the least. It actually reminded me of watching an old show of "Dark Shadows".
I have to admit that I wish your vocal was louder in the mix. It is a very pure and calming voice you have. Don't put it so far back in the mix.
The singer reminds me of a cross of Amy Lee from Evanesence and Imogen Heap. I like the tone, melody, and delivery of her voice. It is very innocenting sounding in a very emotional song.
-UUUkeys from Unspecified

Sixpence goes dark
Good production, nice bass work. Nice recording of the acoustic guitar. Cool, creepy vocals. Sounds like a sound track to a scary movie...
-MadelynIris from Unspecified

...I think the song is pretty brilliant. Nice build, beautiful piano, nice guitar and drums, great vocalist. You really hit the spot on this one.
- MartaC from Detroit, Michigan

Lost in the woods
Delicate thoughtfully picked introduction. There is a real mystery set in the strings there. The whispers vocals make the introduction to this work very ambient. It is great to hear those vocals take a more prominant place in the chorus.. and the guitars and crashing drums turn this song into something u may not have expected at the start. The intensity grows and take you on the journey of the song.
- HanGeko from United Kingdom

What an interesting sound.
Ok it kinda pulls you in. Nice female vocals. Draws you in and keeps you there. I like it! Then the guitar sets it off! Great feel Nice job.
I'm loving it.
- Fireman511 from Russellville,
Alabama - Garageband


The Flowerbed of Oblivion (2008) LP

Downloads Available on iTunes, eMUSIC, Rhaspody, Napster and Amazon MP3
Distributed by Tunecore


So far the band has received airplay and interviews on several radio programs including but not limited to:

Live 88.5 FM, 89.1 CHUO FM, CHCR 102.9 FM, CHCR 104.5 FM, WCRadio, HMTV, UnderWorldMixradio, Outboundradio, The VM Underground Show, RadioUgly, AlexaDigitalRadio, RadioElectric, INDIE 104 iRadio LA, SHOUTcast Radio, BlogTalkRadio, AOL Radio, CKDJ 107.9 FM, CKLV 100.1 FM, Indie Love Radio, CFRC 101.9 FM, CHIN Radio,, UnHeard Radio, Junior's Cave, Pongid Radio,The Night Owl Radio Show on WSPR

Other: The band has recently licensed 2 tracks to Cando Productions, 1 track to Capital Sounds 2008 compilation CD, 2 tracks to THE EXTENT series



"One of the best albums of the year..." (DJ Gary Lauzon Radio CHUO 93.1 FM)

"Very original and well mastered, The Flowerbed of Oblivion has its own distinct sound that stays with you" (DJ Tina HMTV)

"The music pulls at your soul and leaves you with something almost unexplainable" (Tim Greencorn, producer)

"Some really powerful lyrics...I cried like I was peeling onions." (DJ "Cousin Ken" J. Lillico Radio CHCR 104.5 FM)

"She's (Eliot) got a pop/rock sound that is pure gold: a silky dark alto that has a reckless beauty."
(Wildy's World)

"Expansive music suitable to stadium intimacy." (kingofbermuda)

. . .

Ana Bhraka is a Canadian band formed in Ottawa, Ontario in 2003 under the alias of Year of the Gone. Afterwards, they changed their name to Ana Bhraka, digitally releasing their first album "The Flowerbed of Oblivion"(2008) [produced by Tim Greencorn at Little Chicago Studios (Feist, Stars, Last Supper) and mastered by Joao Carvahlo (Pilate Speed, Death from Above 1979, Billy Talent)] under their own label, "FIVER".

The band is comprised of Jane Eliot (formerly on ARTISTdirect Records) (vocals and guitar), Mike Danis (lead guitar and bg vocals), John-Marc Desmarais (bass), Phil Desmarais (drums and percussion) and Allan Kinney(keyboards) . Ana Bhraka blend alternative, progressive, folk and ambient music and are best known for their hypnotic live performances with the use of muti-media and their eccentric interests in existentialism, surrealism, mythology and dystopian fiction.

(Note: For an in-depth bio please refer to the bands main website)

Musical influences include: Pink Floyd, Mazzy Star, Portishead, Radiohead, Genesis, The Doors, Bjork, Neil Young, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries, The Cure, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, more.



MANAGEMENT: Miraslav Royz
Tel: 416.230.3853 Email:


1568 Merivale Road, Suite #330
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. K2G 5Y7

LEGAL: Stacey Mitsopulos
Tel: 416.537.1529 Email: