ana chantal y la pequena orquesta del fin de los tiempos

ana chantal y la pequena orquesta del fin de los tiempos


It's a jazz good time without the jazz. It's what happens when you put together different people from different places, with different education, classical, jazz, latin, jam, rock. It's a style of its own bought, begged and borrowed -- vintage cool.


Ana Chantal is an Australian/Mexican who since living in Mexico over the last two years got to working with Israel Pantoja (bass), El Guajiro (guitara), y Jonathon Romano (drums).
A trio of musicians who have played together over 12yrs as well as in other projects. Professional, working musicians, they do what pays their way, classical, jazz, popular, latin beats and then there's what they've been working on with Chantal.

These are some of the songs from the time spent working together on this... "Ana Chantal y La Pequena  Orquesta Del Fin De Los Tiempos."

Ana Chantal thinks up the lyrics and melodies, the ideas born from chord progressions, bass lines, drum beats. The boys bringing in ideas and working out the details, Israel is responsible for most of the arrangements.

Instinctual and in the moment, refined and then delivered.

These are early recordings of some of the songs, the extended group of  musicians- friends and known to the scene, here.

Wether with this project- playing for the good of it, or playing to pay the bills, this group is always in the music, always with the people and always putting in.


Dance Satan Dance

Written By: Ana Chantal

Dance Satan. Dance!

Dance satan, dance,
in them tight red pants.
Deliver me from goodness,
deliver me from right.

Wild baby, wild,
when you go all tribal.
Get me all riled
with that Tarzan smile.

Shakazulu those moves dat you do.

Oh yeah I am.
Oh yeah I burn.
I am the it man
struttin' this
made to order
moment of cool.
I am the Jones'
that your trying
to keep up with,
I'm everything you are,
and all you'll never be.

Aargh, slap with your best.
Hit me with your kiss.
I'm everything your not,
and everything you is.

The real deal,
all style,
and not the
store bought kind.

The Grand Poo-bah
is in da house.
King Pin begins,
The cats meow
is here to
show you how.
And if you will,
but I'm the cat
with the double
cream fill.
You want your in
the order of the cats
of the cream filled grin.

The time it's now,
it's here, it's me.

Queen She-ba is arrived.
King Pin begins,
The cats meow
is here to
show you how.
You want your in,
your backstage pass,
your A-list ringside seat.
I'm the fat cat
waving the big time contract.

The time it's now,
it's mine, it's me.


- Self-titled (2010)

Set List

Dance Satan, Dance
Just One Last Dance
Running Hawk
The Sad One
If The Sky
Big Fish Shuffle