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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Avant-garde




"Anacron: Get Stoked!"

Skipping school generally isn't encouraged, but for Anacron, it all worked out.

The 30-year-old hip-hop artist, breakdancer, jazz musician, poet and composer Anacron came to Chicago by way of L.A. a decade ago.

He spent his formative years developing his musical, rapping and breakdancing skills in the L.A. underground scene with childhood friends such as hip-hop artist MURS and Himself, with whom he attended open mics in infamous clubs including South Central's The Good Life.

They also misbehaved a bit.

"My friends and I used to ditch," he said. "And we'd drive up to San Francisco. We'd call [our parents] and lie and say we were staying over at each other's houses."

To justify his truancy, Anacron explains that while they were playing hooky, they were going to breakdancing competitions and rock shows in the Bay area. They were making connections they would later use.

When Anacron came to Chicago in the late '90s, he discovered new life breathed into a scene that was getting pretty tired in L.A.

"L.A.'s underground and club scene was going through a weird change ... real mainstream and commercial-feeling ... everybody looked just like a music video," he said. "When I came here, I went out, and the hip-hop parties here were exactly the way they were when I was going to them in L.A.

"[I thought] 'Damn, this is so cool, this is the illest thing, I love this.' "

Anacron's "Atypicalcd" was released in December. In addition to his music, he's a member of the well-reputed fringe theater company Collaboraction and is actively involved with Brickheadz, the core breakdancing outfit in Chicago that's been alive and spinning since 1983.

The expanse of styles he's involved with might seem a bit schizophrenic, but Anacron explains it simply.

"Somehow, all of the subculture genres of art kind of all fit together," he said. "People want to cross those borders" - Chicago Tribune


Anacron is the epitome of an atypical's that for word play? He has become totally immersed in the hip hop culture, putting out over 15 releases since 1995 along with countless collabs and contributions with Himself, Murs, Chicago area cats and more. In addition to being an emcee, he's heavily involved in b-boying, even teaching and organizing dance events and competitions in the Chicago area. He's also a singer/songwriter, and has taken his abilities as a performer to the stage, appearing in several plays. An accomplished and professionally trained musician, the multitalented instrumentalist, producer and composer has tried his hand at recording live jazz music as well! This album is a welcome return to hip hop for this artist's artist, who has maintained a loyal following over the years by putting out consistent material even if there has been a long gap since Netherworlds "Pals" and the solo "Who's Who." So let's re-cap: b-boy, graf artist, emcee, producer, instrumentalist, there anything this guy can't do? - Access Music

"Anacron - Who's WHo?"

Anacron we already in MK ZWO # 25 met the review of the Netherworld-LP. There still with MURS and Himself - on "Who's Who?" We are experiencing now Ana.Rok.One solo. Here, this is certainly not the first publication. Previously there were four other CDs (recordings 94-00) and an EP. This EP "Nite Owl", released on Galapagos4, may I recommend you also heat-tens. A truly "fat thing"! Now for the new long player, "Who's Who" is, like all publications of anacron a CD-R. There is a cover and a few details, but the CD itself is a betaggter blank, and represents a very ruffe effect achieved. We are dealing therefore with an independent production released anacron and distributes its productions, the music itself are therefore also more likely imbedded unidentified people Curlee such as Brazen, Alo, PNS Astrobwoy, Aocoa and Eligh Living Legend. Through these many different beats arose, experimental and very exciting. The content of the self-declared B Boy settles with today's hip-hop and often reminded of the old-school days when one still on the west coast as beautiful Poplockin 'be-have drifted. In general, the music is sometimes mixed with elements of the old school, but is certainly in a fresh guise. The love of his native LA, California, is of course well sung, so that there will be summarizing as follows: A typical album of West Coast underground, with all its facets and a rap style that is now really only anacron own! - MK ZWO (Deutschland)

"Anacron - True Blue Beatnicc"

Netherworld Member anacron brings "True Blue Beatnicc" his latest album into the race. The CD has several special features here. First, it is again a CDR, which was betaggt. Furthermore, this album is no ordinary hip-hop album, but mixed with spoken word tracks. They are put forward in Reimstil texts, often with much content and a specific message. One can perhaps compare Accapellarap, except that the flow of the spoken word, of course, is not in the foreground. And lyrically anacron has much to offer. Whether it was the track "Girls Do not Like Cron," in which he appoints us reasons on reasons why he is so unpopular with the opposite sex, or the track "What I Meant What ...", in which he explains why many People often do not mean what they say. Prominent again, the production of music. Detailed, individual instrumental, in which "The Hunger" is definitely among the best. Incidentally, in this track, one finds a tribute to anacron-old LA native, he now lives mostly in Chicago. Anyone interested in the music of anacron, check

(translated from German) - MKZWO (Deutschland)

"Murs, Himself, and Anacron - Pals"

Back in 2001 before murs was MURS he teamed up with himself and anacron to form the netherworlds and put out the cali classic album "pals". full of slick rhymes from all 3 m.c.'s and clean production from anacron, with help from a few others, and released on galapagos4. for those who know this is a must have for any true underground head with classics like fat boys, sonuvaguns, cali (souled out),uncommon (the theme), i could go on and on. on what other hip hop album can you hear an ode to christina ricci (come back home) played out so beautifully, or an a cappella version of green day's basket case (green daze) or a song dedicated to friendship (pals). this is hip hop the way it's supposed to be with songs that the normal working or unemployment collecting human and relate to, not some auto tuned out shiny ca-ca. with that said give a listen or 2 or 3 and tell me, how do you like it? - Audio Hallucinations


Rich Girls b/w/ Schwing [Single]
The Facelift 3: Cosmetic Charicatures
Netherworlds [Remastered]
Double-A Battery [Remastered]
Schwing [Single]

The Facelift 2: ArtOfficial Attributes [Remix Album]
Scene And Not Herd [Single]
This Is Me b/w Proverbial Slap [Single]
The LAb eXperiment [EP]
Albert Hammond Remixes [Unreleased EP]
Anacron Presents: UNFAMOUS Volume 01 [Compilation]

It Takes Two [Single]
Get Stoked! [Single]
Boom, Boom! (from Entourage, Dexter, True Blood) [Single]
Conversation (Documentary Exclusive) [Single]
Alice Blue [Unreleased EP]
Untitled Delicious Vinyl Project [Unreleased LP]

The Facelift: Fabricated Features [Remix Album]
Unscene Quartet EP
Cleansleeves [DJ Mix]
Cornrowz: The Album That Never Was [DJ Mix]

Manoemusicc Productions Collection [Compilation]
Anacron Features and Compilations Collection [Compilation]
Big Kids Don’t Play [DJ Mix]
Frozen Yoga [DJ Mix]
Blue Groove Session [Live DJ Mix]

Peanut Gallery Network Chicago - Reunion Mixtape
Hoodbangerz Bawl [DJ Mix]
Places Volume 1: Brazil [DJ Mix]
The Out Crowd [DJ Mix]

SLP365: Original Score and Soundtrack
Pairograffs - Calinois To Illifornia
Chix Mix [DJ Mix]

Tony Hawk Underground [Soundtrack]
The Cornrowz [Unreleased LP]

The Zooey Files [Compilation]
Off The Record [4-CD Live DJ mix]
American Idle [Unreleased LP]

Anacron & Astrobwoy - Double-A Battery
Five Songs I Wrote About You [Live Acoustic Ep]

One With The Elements
Greater Than Most - >M
Mental Grafitti

Who's Who?
True Blue Beatnicc

The Nite Owl [EP]
We Smile!: The Anacron EP's (1994-1997)
The Unheard
Netherworlds - Pals

The AA Meeting
The Blackbook Sessions

Damn’ Foo! [Ep]
Be, Boy! [Ep]
Pairograffs - 773121310: Los Angeles To Chicago

Tight Jeans and Sneaks [Ep]

Out There [Single]
Interstellar Phenomenon [Single]
Peanut Gallery Network L.A. - Compilation

Funky Kayoz - Bustin’ Rhymes Like A Gat [Single]
(as B*Short) Dont Test Me [Single]


Founder, Artist, CEO

The Gallery Quartet
Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Woodwinds, Vocalist

Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Vocalist

Songwriter, Vocalist

Songwriter, Woodwinds, Arranger

Double A Battery
Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Vocalist

The AA Meeting
Producer, Composer

Alice Blue
Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Vocalist

The Laderas
Producer, Composer, Woodwinds, Keyboards

Greater Than Most (>M)

Vocals, songwriter, woodwinds

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Quintessential music producer, composer/arranger, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, & break-dancer. Defining versatile, his music touches people of all types, inspiring awe with his amazing performances. Recognized by many, and having collaborated with some of the most well-known and legendary names in underground hip-hop; Anacron maintains a thick catalog built on a lengthy and successful, yet quiet and unassuming history in the music industry. Comfortably celebrating his "UNFAMOUS" status, Anacron defies fleeting hype and continues to find success the old-fashioned way: through hard work and pure, potent talent.