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Napa, California, United States

Napa, California, United States
Alternative Indie


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The Napa Valley is a breeding ground for successful family enterprises based on incredible talent and – usually – incredible viticulture. But winemaking families aren’t the only game in town!

Meet Tom Bailey, along with children JT, Keri and Steven, who formed the core of indie-rock band Anadel early last year. Since then, they have added in the talents of guitarist Andrew Arcadi and bassist Ben Guerrieri to fully round out their sound, resulting in a mesmerizing mix of rock, classical and folk components, all accompanied by haunting vocals and stunning lyrics. The family band has moved along quickly since last year; they recorded an album in January and played their first gig in May. Now, they’re lined up as a featured performer for Napa Valley Youth Symphony’s 2012 Red Gala in February.
While it’s no surprise that Anadel has been selected to perform at the annual event – their talent speaks for itself – members JT and Keri are particularly excited about the prospect, since they were active members of the youth orchestra since its inception in 2006. As a matter of fact, JT, the driving force behind Anadel’s creation, credits his classical training as crucial in the development of his musical voice today. The Baileys also cite the Napa Valley itself as providing fundamental influences for both the music and the development of the band.

Says JT, “Napa is home for me. I love the seasons here, I love driving Silverado trail in the Fall, the smell of crush ... I’m sure some of that nostalgia has found its way into my music.” Tom adds, “Our connection to the local community is very important to us. We are fortunate to be starting here and are proud to be from here. In return, we hope to become something that Napa can be proud of.”

For a taste of Anadel’s music, purchase their album, or find out about upcoming shows, you can visit - Napa Valley Life Magazine

“The honesty and pure emotion of Anadel’s music resonates with the listener. Their music is reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, Anthallo, and other great artists. A must have for those who appreciate pure and honest musical talent.”
– Mark Griffith, iTunes review
- iTunes review

“The honesty and pure emotion of Anadel’s music resonates with the listener. Their music is reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, Anthallo, and other great artists. A must have for those who appreciate pure and honest musical talent.”
– Mark Griffith, iTunes review
- iTunes review

“Anadel’s music is interesting, unique, and quite frankly very good!”
– Jerry Olenyn, KKXX 104.5 Chico - KKXX 104.5 Chico

Technically speaking, Napa based “Anadel” has only been a group for the last 6 months. However, this family band has been jamming out tunes for much longer. Elements of this home schooling family of 9 descended on Prairie Sun last week with one goal in mind: make an album – a good album. Focused around singer/ songwriter JT Baily, the group also features his father Tom Baily on drums, brother Steven on keys, and sister Keri on violin. Although not technically family, the group added close friends Andrew Arcadi on electric guitar and David Parker on bass. Frustrated with never being able to record those ever-so-epic living room jam sessions, they decided to take the next big step.
Anadel has put in a lot of hard work over the last week, recording their first full-length album “Ver Le Sud” or flying south. They plan on releasing the record in March followed by a small collage tour this summer. The group is looking into touring with local songwriter Justin Dai, who has used daughter Keri’s undeniable mastery of the violin on nearly all his recordings. In fact, Bravo Max’s manager Scott Herbert was so impressed with her abilities that he asked her to record the violin part on the track “Hey Jane” on Dogs Light. In return, Anadel recorded some nifty accordion parts courtesy of Bravo Max’s own Ellie Stevens.
We all know how difficult it can be to work with family and friends, but in the case of Anadel we see that it is their greatest asset. Talented nonetheless, their unrivaled level of community shines through in their music. Prairie Sun head engineer Matt Wright took a very active role producing this project. He worked with the band from start to finish, imparting his own unmistakable level of professionalism. The album has turned out better then anyone ever expected, and we’re sure that “Anadel” will forever change the way you think about family bands.
- Praire Sun Recording


Still working on that hot first release.



The sound of this six member band from Napa Valley Calif. pleases audiences with their textured and unique music. With a hint of many genres, American folk, blues, rock, alternative, indie and classical, this collective of styles becomes something entirely different.

Anadel first began to form when JT Bailey started composing his own music and lyrics while in his teens. It wasn’t long until his sister, Keri joined in, then their brother, Steven. Deciding, in 2010, to expand and develop their sound as a band, they enlisted the help of their good friends Andrew, Ben, and Luke to fill out the sound, and the band came into being.

Anadel sprang into the Napa music scene, playing their first show in early 2011, and quickly gained a reputation as an excellent live act.

J.T.’s melodies, his pointed and personal lyrics, mixed with the beautiful and often haunting violin from his sister, Keri, have created a beautiful blend of sounds. When you add guitarist, Andrew Arcadi, pianist, Steven Bailey, percussionist, Robert Witcher, and bassist, Ben Guerrieri, the music takes on a rocky edge that, blended with the classical and folk sensibilities of JT and Keri, combines into an interesting landscape of sound that is as unique as it is beautiful.