"Militaristic art-punk polyrhythms and ominous narratives fused with sinister saxophone to devastating effect. Like Joy Division covering the Stooges' Fun House. In Hell -Stuart Berman, EYE Magazine ("T.O. 2003: your new favourite bands")


Anagram was formed in 1999 with Matt Mason on vocals, Willy Mason on guitar, and Chris Taylor on bass. There were countless band names to accompany the revolving door of musicians who signed on to add percussion or a second guitar to the mix, and it wasn't until the fall of 2000 that Anagram began to move towards its current form, adding saxophone player Jon Schwartz and drummer Clayton Churcher to the lineup.
In spring 2002 Anagram began playing shows around the Toronto Area, developing a "word of mouth" following for their chaotic live performances. Throughout the past few years
Anagram has played alongside such bands as The Constantines, Do Make Say Think, Franz Ferdinand and Tangiers to name a few. In September 2003 Anagram's debut CD was released, a self-titled 8 song EP which recieved generous reviews from local press and record store employees.
Anagram is currently in the process of recording a full lenth album due in 2005 on Dead Astronaut Records.


Anagram - S/T EP 2003

Set List

Sets can usually range from 30 to 60 minutes depending on length of time slot given to us.
We play the odd cover song, no more than one per show, usually by bands such as Spacemen 3, Flipper, Pere Ubu etc.