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"Reviews for Anagram's"

An album that jumps out of two-dimnesional electronics and into the organic 3-D. A listening experience worthy of your attention.
-Zero Magazine

A refreshing, ephemeral electro slash indie pop record, perfectly suited to today’s musical tastes and current thirst for what lies in the haze between electronic and rock.
-Muses Muse

Truly a magic duo, they offer ethereal arrangements and crafty indie pop for us to salivate over. Amazing.
-editor's pick,

Instantly absorbing, there's something entrancing about this female fronted electronic pop hybrid. With a wide range of influences from Portishead to Bjork to Mazzy Star and Postal Service, "Songs From Far Away" will titillate a variety of electronic connoisseurs.
-CD Baby

This album exhibits anagram's ability to create well crafted electronic rock soaked in art.
-Distortion Magazine

The endearing calmness of Death Cab for Cutie is obvious, but musically this is more interesting, and Anagram come off as a far more expressive and creative band, what with the variety in their guitar, synth, drums, melodies, and vocal delivery.
-Skratch Magazine

Jessica Congdon has one of those voices that takes you to a trance like state. I only hope that the day I die angels will sing to me this way. Eric Holland (Keyboards / Programing) has got the skills to bring the music together as a whole. Amazing construction, and undeniable talent is what holds this CD together.
-Neus Subjex

The duo of Eric Holland and Jessica Congdon make up the band ANAGRAM whose indie/ synth-pop sound, also has hints of electronica as well as dark and moody Goth appeal. But with nice female vocals, fans of THE PIXIES, SOFT CELL, MAZZY STAR, DEPECHE MODE, and OMD will enjoy this band as well.
-Toxic Flyer

While strong influences of Sonic Youth and Mazzy Star can be heard throughout the album, this pair manages to create their own sound. Congdon’s thick, rich voice drips into your ears and rides the electric beats through your brain. The entire album evokes feelings of floating through a psychedelic universe, though you’re not quite sure how you got there.
-Away-Team - None


"Big Girls Don't Cry" Soundtrack - 2001
"Dopamine" Soundtrack - 2003
"Songs From Far Away" Full-length CD - 2005



Famous duos have always left their mark in contemporary music. From John Lennon and Paul McCartney to Jack and Meg White, the world owes a lot to the ideas that spring forth from such a union. Jessica Congdon and Eric Holland are no exception. But not only do they have music in common, this duo also has a passion for the visual arts. And so it is no coincidence that they met while working on a feature film in Berlin.

"A couple of years ago, I was scoring a movie that Jessica was editing. We started talking and realized that we had a lot in common," says Eric. "Jessica and I formed Anagram and we have been focusing on it ever since."

Once you hear the music from their recently released CD, "Songs from Far Away," there is no doubt - visuals immediately spring to mind. From the pop flavor of "Behavior" and "Tiger," to the ethereal realism of "Distance" and "Jack Rabbit," images naturally seem to form and float through the air.
"I have worked in film for quite some time... combining images and music is at the core of what I do," Jessica affirms. "I think that each of these media complements and informs the other."

The influences of the band seem to have as large a range as the bands own music. From Mazzy Star, Sonic Youth and New Order to indie/symphonic/electro-artists like Ladytron, Radiohead and (a tamed) Miss Kitten, one can hear a little touch of all of the above. Yet, the uniqueness of their sound remains intact.

Anagram is neither Eric nor Jessica's first venture into the realms of modern alternative music. Jessica was a member of both Smitten and Vervein. Vervein released the CD, "Vast Low Cities," which received rave reviews ( Eric was in the experimental art-rock band, Milk Cult. The band released 5 albums (Basura!/0 to 1 Records) and performed in the U.S., Europe and Japan. More recently - as one would expect - Anagram has enjoyed success in film soundtracks. Films include, "Big Girls Don't Cry" (Columbia/Tristar with soundtrack released on Virgin Records), and "Dopamine," an award-winning film at the Sundance Film Festival.

An important element that has enhanced the Anagram sound is their ability to artistically draw from the places they've traveled and lived, and the various musicians they have worked with. "We have been lucky enough to record with some amazing musicians from around the world," says Congdon. "We are in love with the international process...the unique sounds, the dense textures and cinematic scenes. It's all represented in our music," states Holland.
In the end, it seems that the duos that end up making a real difference are those that are best able to combine their unique talents, and work as one. Anagram certainly is doing just that. "I would love to continue to have Anagram music married to films, television. So far, we've explored Europe and Scandinavia, but I'd like to record in Russia and Asia," concludes Jessica." Holland adds, "I really feel good about our work. The most important part for us is to keep making music that we love and to connect with our audience."

With Anagram's genuine musical talent and encouraging attitude, it would seem that success is just a heartbeat away.