Ana Kanpa

Ana Kanpa


Ana Kanpa specializes in hypnotic jams, conscious lyrics and melodies, poetry/spoken word and otherworldly songs of spirit and earth. They have a jam feel with a bit of a darker twist; their music is conscious, earth-oriented, melodious and high spirited!


Ana Kanpa is an alternative/indie rock band from South Florida, performing hypnotic jams, melodious songs of Spirit and Earth, and compelling spoken word/poetry. The name comes from an ancient Sumerian prayer, translated as "Spirits of the Earth."

Ana Kanpa has been creating and performing around Florida at various venues, festivals, private events and benefits over the past five years. Their music ranges from melodic rock and blues, to acoustic songs and unique improvised jams, in which they experiment with sound, bringing together different flavors from Middle Eastern to rhythmic chants and tribal beats. As artists, they are passionate about creating and connecting with each other, as well as the audience. Ana Kanpa is always evolving. Their shows are a journey through different moods and eclectic sounds, inspiring thoughtful reflection and a deeper connection with the Earth and each other.

Valkyrie is the lead vocalist and poet. She has spent much of her life exploring the Earth, poetry and performance, including theatre, film and music. The guitarist, Mike Matthews, is an experienced musician and songwriter who has played and recorded with several South Florida bands over the years. Pedro "Piort" Ramos plays bass; he is an accomplished, veteran musician from Venezuela who has played several styles of music ranging from jazz to rock. The drummer, Robert Barcelo, is a life-long, classically trained percussionist, who got his start playing the legendary jazz clubs of Cuba. Each of the members makes a unique contribution to the band, enabling them to create a special sound all their own.

Ana Kanpa recently completed a full-length CD of original music and poetry entitled “Spirits of the Earth”, which is available at their shows.

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Let Go Your Fear

Written By: Silidker & Matthews

Can you hear
My voice in the wind
Saying let go your fear
If you’ll let me in
Darling’ I promise
No more sin

Can you feel
The warmth under your skin
A love so real
Just go within
I’m there in your silence
I’ve always been

Breathe into the night
Drift into my soul
Darling it’s right
I’ll never let you go
I’ve held you many lifetimes
This I know
This I know
Just let go


"Spirits of the Earth"--a full-length CD available at our shows.

Set List

We are originals-oriented, with an occasional cover. We usually play 45-minute sets, up to three sets per gig.

Original Songs and Poems:

1) The Alchemist
2) The Days Have Grown Dark
3) Dreamtime/Seraphim Lies
4) Gray
5) Rites of Spring
6) Evolution Revolution
7) 3 AM Blues
8) In Your Mind
9) Let Go Your Fear
10) Now
11) Fish, The Moon, and Deserts Turned To Sea
12) Jabberwocky Jam
13) The Birth Of Shiva
14) We The People
15) Like A Dream
16) Through The Door
17) Van Gogh's Self Portrait
18) Icarus Flies Again
19) We Are
20) Shine
21) The Flood
22) The Road Less Traveled
23) Carpe Diem
24) Fade
25) Believe
26) Remember
27) Let It Fall


1) “Last Goodbye” Jeff Buckley
2) “Immigrant Song” Led Zeppelin
3) “Ziggy Stardust” David Bowie
4) “New Year’s Day” U2
5) “That’s the Way” Led Zeppelin
6) “The Dancer” P.J. Harvey
7) “Send His Love To Me” P.J. Harvey
8) “Every Breath You Take” the Police
9) “New Year’s Prayer”