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"Life's a speech — and then you turn 30."

"...when [Ana Kanpa] started, it was the kind of thing I'm familiar with — catchy, song-based alt-rock. Not bad, I thought."

Less Rock, More Talk... Part II: Life's a speech — and then you turn 30.
By Jason Budjinski
Oct 19, 2006

The first thing I saw when I entered the Culture Room was a giant banner that read "Resist the Green Scare." In the corner to my left, a small drum circle formed. Soon, a belly dancer joined in, as did a few more drummers. Several information booths were set up, offering loads of literature, mostly concerning animal rights and free-speech abuses. Gone were the typical band e-mail lists; in their place were petitions (a statewide land-use amendment) and sign-up sheets (

...Musically, there was a good deal of spacy experimentalism, earthy jams, and singer/songwriter fare. The lineup included Teri Catlin, Xavier Hawk, Ana Kanpa, Fourth Dimension, Crazy Fingers (with the Heavy Pets' Jeff Lloyd), and Alonso the Poet, as well as intermittent speakers.

Ana Kanpa, for instance, was heavy on the New Age theme, opening its set with a meditation. When the music started, it was the kind of thing I'm familiar with — catchy, song-based alt-rock. Not bad, I thought. I'll take anything with a hook and a melody.

For a local show, the 300-plus in attendance were proof that music for a cause isn't necessarily a lost cause. Organized by Ana Kanpa vocalist Val Silidker, the people involved with Speak Up! seemed like a close-knit group. Silidker herself is a member of numerous organizations like the Sierra Club,, Sea Shepherd, Kinship Circle, Humane Society, and Rattle the Cage (she's the vice president), to name a few. Of course, Silidker was far from the only one reppin' those groups. There was a definite sense of cohesion, probably because the event broke the traditional band/audience dynamic. The drum circlers and animal rights people were as visible as the stage performers. After all, it was the activists who took in the evening's door money. The beneficiaries were six members of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, who have been jailed for protesting the British animal-testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences. According to SHAC supporters, the group did nothing more than post information on the Internet that negatively affected the lab's business. For that, they were convicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Nothing was blown up. No one got naked and ran through a supermarket. No spray paint was involved. It was all a matter of speech (and money).

"Unfortunately, we are losing this right in a dark and manipulative manner," Silidker said. "And it is beginning with, but certainly not limited to, those who stand up for the voiceless — the animal activists." ...

- Broward-Palm Beach New Times


"Spirits of the Earth"--a full-length CD available at our shows.



Ana Kanpa is an alternative/indie rock band from South Florida, performing hypnotic jams, melodious songs of Spirit and Earth, and compelling spoken word/poetry. The name comes from an ancient Sumerian prayer, translated as "Spirits of the Earth."

Ana Kanpa has been creating and performing around Florida at various venues, festivals, private events and benefits over the past five years. Their music ranges from melodic rock and blues, to acoustic songs and unique improvised jams, in which they experiment with sound, bringing together different flavors from Middle Eastern to rhythmic chants and tribal beats. As artists, they are passionate about creating and connecting with each other, as well as the audience. Ana Kanpa is always evolving. Their shows are a journey through different moods and eclectic sounds, inspiring thoughtful reflection and a deeper connection with the Earth and each other.

Valkyrie is the lead vocalist and poet. She has spent much of her life exploring the Earth, poetry and performance, including theatre, film and music. The guitarist, Mike Matthews, is an experienced musician and songwriter who has played and recorded with several South Florida bands over the years. Pedro "Piort" Ramos plays bass; he is an accomplished, veteran musician from Venezuela who has played several styles of music ranging from jazz to rock. The drummer, Robert Barcelo, is a life-long, classically trained percussionist, who got his start playing the legendary jazz clubs of Cuba. Each of the members makes a unique contribution to the band, enabling them to create a special sound all their own.

Ana Kanpa recently completed a full-length CD of original music and poetry entitled “Spirits of the Earth”, which is available at their shows.

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