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Eudora, Kansas, United States | SELF

Eudora, Kansas, United States | SELF
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"The Cosmic Conspiracy"

Like a shuttle to Alpha Centauri, the opening track "Action-Reaction" on Anakin's Debut LP "Random Accessed Memories" launches with a dramatic explosion of guitars, ushering in 2012 and the promise that this will be the year of Shoegaze. A genre many thought lost to the 90's, Shoegaze [or Space Rock if you`re old like me] has quietly enjoyed a renaissance over the past several years, albeit one that the mainstream has largely passed over for autotuned mindlessness.

Where bands like the glorious Hum, the Get Up Kids [circa their brilliant "Something To Write Home About" record] and, to a lesser degree Jimmy Eat World left off, Anakin picks back up with a remarkably balanced sound; one that is expressly designed to float the listener away in a tin can. "RAM" delivers a guitar tone distorted only to the point that it properly compliments the sometimes looping, sometimes meandering synthesizer. Vocals seem to be weighted equally in the mix with the instrumentation, a technique employed by both Morrissey and Syd Barrett. The result is a sound that feels more dreamy than dreary, more confident than cocky; Something Morrissey or Barrett never truly mastered.

As should be the case, there are more stand-out moments than stand-out tracks on this record. In what is likely a first for any band, "The Departure" features a sample from Ronald Reagan. The aptly titled "Disconnect" spins into life a song about supreme doubt and fades with an unaccompanied chorus of : "drifting endlessly we cannot see what seems real and what feels right". Spacey indeed.

If "Random Accessed Memories" points to anything it's that there will be no more revolutions. Why reinvent the wheel when so much inspiration can be drawn from the bands that came before them? From the Cure to Snapcase, some of the best bands this generation had to offer are spiritually present here. The result is a debut worthy of their predecessors, and the groundwork for what will hopefully be a long and wonderful journey. - Khyron -


Random Accessed Memories



In 2008 Brad Chancellor and Chris Rosenthal created what would be known as Anakin. In November 2008 the two produced 6 tracks in a storage shed. What Brad and Chris created that single day was a "blown out sound" that would eventually be tamed into a beautifully spaced out melodic collision.

In 2009 Brad was recruited to take over drum duties for an up and coming electro-pop project in the area which in turn led to putting Anakin on hold a mere three months after the duo had began writing music together. Rosenthal continued working on material and the two managed to reconvene 10 months later to continue what they had started.

In 2010 Anakin regained control as Brad and Chris began preparations to record their debut single "Abort.Retry.Fail" with guest vocalist Kris Bennetts. "Abort.Retry.Fail" was released worldwide in April 2010 and Anakin quickly gained recognition by landing on compilation albums such as "In Case Of Evacuation" via Exploding In Sound and the "2010 Summer Sampler" via Midwest Movement. Brent Windler [the Casket Lottery] joined forces with Rosenthal and Chancellor in May 2010 and together the three continued to work out new material through the remaining 2010 year.

In 2011 the band was approached by Pop Up Records with the opportunity to pay tribute to HUM by recording a track to be included on the compilation album "Songs Of Farewell And Departure: A Tribute to HUM. In January 2011 Anakin began tracking HUM's "I'd Like Your Hair Long" with engineer Jeff Pickman at the Noise Arcade with the album eventually seeing a release in September 2011 via Pop Up Records. In addition to Anakin's take on "I'd Like Your Hair Long" the compilation included such notable acts as Junius, the Esoteric, Constants, Funeral For A Friend, Kelli Scott [Failure], and Solar Powered Sun Destroyer [Featuring J. Robbins - Jawbox]. In May 2011 the trio launched a successful KickStarter campaign in which the online Anakin supporters donated over $2,000 to the band to record the debut album "Random Accessed Memories". RAM was engineered by Eric Graves [the Esoteric] in August 2011 at both Blacklodge Recording in Eudora, Ks and EZ Rock Studios in Lawrence, Ks and mixed by Joel Wanasek at JTW Recording Studios [Universal, Metal Blade] in Hubertus, Wi.

In 2012 the band's debut album "Random Accessed Memeories" will be released worldwide through all major digital retailers. Prepare to launch in 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1...