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Written By: Ana Naitoko

Verse 1/
More than gold or silver
Is the love that has refined
And now I stand here sober
Changed by the truth that I have found
Now I can’t turn back for gain
Even if I lost a thousand times
‘cause I know that there’s a purpose
It’s worth it, in you I will remain

When I’m weak you’re stronger
Even when the night gets longer
You’re my sufficiency

Verse 2/
I don’t want to do it on my own
I’m tired of the fighting
Tired of the games that keep going ‘round and ‘round
Help me I’m falling
I find rest at the foot of your throne
Yet they keep calling
“Girl you need to come home”
So I pray and you say I Am


And with my head high I will walk
Set on the prize, determined
That the only, only thing I do
Is yours
It’s always been yours
With your grace, your hand, I’ll stand
With you I can be more than I am

I will be there

Written By: Ana Naitoko and Jason Heerah

Verse 1/
It know it ain’t easy growing up without your mother
Worryin’ bout your father and brother
though you haven’t always understood, why
Just know that you can always depend on me
I’ll be everything all you need, yeah
All that you require I will be

I will be there
I will be there when
I will be there when
When you call
I will be there
I will be there when
I will be there when
When you call

Verse 2/
Good friends are to find
And even in the hardest times
It’s love that matters most
And a sincere heart not one that boasts
For I desire Mercy not sacrifice
I desire love and not what you think’s right
Show me that you care,
let your heart lead if you dare

Know you’re not forgotten, forsaken No
He has got more plans for you
Count your blessings and believe that there is more for you
For there’s no other way
To be happy hear the people say

Ragga remix


Written By: Ana Naitoko

How did I get here?
This foreign land foreign Jail
Heaven now I’ve been humbled
In this permanent hell
If this roof got much taller
Will they hear what I say
When I beg forgiveness
‘cause for you I have changed
But no mercy they greet me
No sentence delayed
I won’t walk out martyr
A criminal in my grave
At the end of my judgement
My new home was a cell
But somehow in my heart
I can sing It is well

I’m free
No chains on me
I’m free

A second chance to live again
Breathe the air and walk the streets of my home town
I would do anything
And yet in all this I hope
I believe,
What mine eyes have seen and my ears have heard
Peace washes over me
Joy in my spirit, sweet liberty
See It was mercy I needed, and Yes Mercy received
they may lock me up in chains
But they can’t take that away from me, no


And though I can’t escape
I don’t know that I would even try to
See I found my place
I can be all that I meant to be
Here and now