Analog Apostles

Analog Apostles


Analog Apostles is the pounding anthems and somber symphonies of songwriter Benjamin Riley. These songs combine unique texture and themes that bring a unique experience to your venue or event. Whether its 5 or 5 million people Analog Apostles focuses on putting on a great show!


The Analog Apostles came from Ben Riley asking Dr. Brandon Wood and Stu Mackey to be in the project. After being in many bands Ben decided to venture into uncharted territory by building his own project from the ground up that is focused on every intimate detail of the listener's experience.The project was inspired by Ben's love of Analog audio equipment and desire to write songs with his emotion on the sleeve of his shirt. Analog Apostles takes you on a introspective journey with deep melodic undertones.


All media can be heard for free at

Half Life decay, single, released 2012
We Made it Bitter not Better, single, released 2012
Sea of Sorrow Acoustic B-side, single, released 2012
Drowning Resolution, Single released 2012

The Heart at Hand EP Release Date 12/12