We are a collaboration of four, young rock and roll enthusiasts. Our music is loud, fast and energetic. We put our hearts and souls into everything we do.


We formed in January 2007 with the goal to bring rock n' roll back to Seattle. Everyone in the band has very different musical influences which attribute to our unique sound. Our biggest influences come from Black Flag, T-Rex, Death from Above 1979, Murder City Devils, and various classic rock bands. Instead of having a lead guitar player, our synth player plays all of our lead lines giving us a sound that sets aside from other hard rock bands. Music is our life and there is nothing else we would rather do.


Right now we only have our demo available. All the songs on our demo are streaming on our myspace.

Analog dESTROYER demo
1. Lowlife
2. Death Of Me
3. Hi, I'm Undead

Set List

We usually play a half hour set consisting of only our music. Our set usually looks like:

Under The Eye Of Dying
Yellow Fingers
What Crime?
Virgin Mary
Hi, I'm Undead
Death Of Me