Analog Device

Analog Device


Catchy hooks and vocal harmonies reminiscent of the Beatles, Wilco, and Radiohead. Soaring guitar that gives you the chills. Melodic bass lines, acoustic guitar, analog synth’s, and diverse beats ranging from rock to hip-hop. The sound is original and totally complete.


Coming off their debut release titled “Turn It On” in April of 2009, Analog Device is a four piece band from Chicago that draws on influences that range from the famous acts of the 60’s and 70’s to current acts such as Wilco and Radiohead. With a line-up that consists of multiple members that play more than one instrument, Analog Device is able to reproduce their studio sound in a high-quality yet spontaneous manner. One thing is certain: you will be singing along to their remarkably catchy tunes in no time at all.

Analog Device was officially formed in 2009 just prior to their debut release, but the band existed in various forms consisting of the current members dating all the way back to 2005. At the heart of the band is the songwriting partnership of Dan Berdelle and David Parrish, who have been honing their skills together since their initial chance meeting in 2005. With the talented production skills of Multi-Instrumentalist Brian Klima, the duo’s vision of what their sound should be came to fruition in April of 2009. Drummer / Percussionist Claudio Traversa incorporates his hip-hop and punk-rock backgrounds to give Analog Device a well-rounded, diverse, totally original and complete sound.

With their debut release complete and hundreds of shows with their prior bands under their belts, Analog Device is hitting the ground running in the fiercely competitive Chicago music scene.


Turn It On - July 2009

Set List

A typical set for Analog Device ranges from 1 to 2 hours and has approximately 50% of the songs from their debut release "Turn It On" and 50% of the songs that will be on their forthcoming album, which is expected to be released in December of 2010.

In addition to that Analog Device plays one cover per show, with each show having a different and risky cover. Some titles that have been played in the past are 50 Cent's "AYO" featuring Justin Timberlake, Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy", Dire Straits "Walk of Life", and Warren G's "Regulate". The band meticulously and carefully picks a candidate by reaching far outside of the box to find songs that show their versatility and willingness to take on the challenge of playing music outside of their genre.