Analog Fire

Analog Fire

 New York City, New York, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

When a Julliard guitarist, Techno DJ, rapper, rock singer, and funk bassist first met in early 2009, Analog Fire was born. Constantly taking a variety of styles from both past, present and futuristic styles, the band seeks to have music with a similar feel but will keep everyone grooving.


Amidst the endless intricacies of New York City, during an undisclosed period of time within the year 2009, Analog Fire took form. This phantasmal quartet is composed of producer Gregory Louisy, guitarist Asher Elbaz, featured guests such as BLOCKWERK, LG Kid Gashi, producer Jonah Gray, E.L.I.T.E. and enigmatic frontman Eno.

Risen from nothing but the unholy marriage of a budget laptop and a loop pedal, Analog Fire has surely surpassed above and beyond its humble roots. “Audio Delicious”, the group’s premier LP, exquisitely showcases wide spectrums of musical talent, influence, styling, and tambour. Its tracks come in all shapes and sizes; from short melodies, to lyrical compositions, to grandiose arrangements. Somehow they have managed to blend smooth dance grooves with fast beats, soft harmonies and occasional rap. With something for everyone, yet distinctly retaining their signature sound across the board, Analog Fire moves heads, hands, and dance floors wherever they have shown themselves.


Audio Delicious - LP - 2010