Analog Frog

Analog Frog


Analog Frog is a three piece act based out of Rochester New York. Our music is a fresh blend of modern electronic type beats and grooves such as Techno, Trance, House, DnB, which is fused with traditional styles like Groove, Funk, Dub, and Rock.


Analog Frog is a departure from your typical live music act. While the core of the music is focused on recreating the intensity of a night club or rave, there still is a organic feel to the music, because each part is played by a real human, as opposed to a computer or a turn table.

The band began creating and searching for its sound in the late summer of 2008, when Matt Schenk and Michael LoPresti met through a mutual friend. As the months went on they experimented with different sounds, and tossed arounds ideas about where they want the music to go. After bringing drummer Dave Monicelli on board, the sound soon started to come together, and it was clear that a electronic feel was desired, but also with elements of traditional music such as rock, jazz and reggae/dub.


1.Power Dub
2.Giant Earth Shattering
5.Solar Eclipse

Most of these songs can be heard at

Set List

Our sets are typically 1.5 - 2.0 hours, and consist of all original music, as well as entire improvised compositions that are different every show.