Analog Jetpack

Analog Jetpack


Analog Jetpack's retro-futurist rock sound finds expression in cerebral word-pop grunge and anachronistic aw-shucks comics.


Analog Jetpack is a three-piece indie-rock innovation that makes music fly. Assembled by hand in the District of Columbia since 2005.

Voltage in, voltage out: Lead guitar and vocalist Rob Getzschman has played solo on the east coast since 2000, when he moved to New York City. He once played Tiny Tim in the Nebraska Theatre Caravan.

Current in, current out: Drummer Robby Sahm carried the Ithaca-based improvisational drum and bass Bam Sequence for three years. His production and polyinstrumentational talents have been showcased publicly since middle school.

Sound in, frequency out: Kiwi-born punk-jazz bassist Dan Ryan saw Robby cover Green Day at their middle school talent show. After much gigging and studying, he has a degree in music and economics from a prominent institution of higher learning.

Analog Jetpack was formed by an act of Congress or an Executive order or something serious like that. I actually heard about it from this one dude. Theyre making the airwaves safer. I dont know, Google it.


This Disk Flies [ep]: 2006 four song demo
Eponymous Debut: 2006 album in production with Jerome Maffeo of Jimmy's Chicken Shack

The songs from This Disk Flies [ep] were featured at the Calvin Klein retail store opening in New York City. They can be streamed online at

Set List

Analog Jetpack drives hard, smart pop rock for a 45-50 minute set.

Setlist at the Knitting Factory, NYC, April 2006:
2. The Low-Low Price
3. Savoir Sonic
4. Outgunned
5. Power Corrupts
6. Pockets of Resistance
7. Allons à la Boum
8. What Say We?
9. Punish the Rental