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Miami, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Miami, FL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Miami Rockers Release first Full-Length Record"

Rock music is falling in popularity nationwide. But Miami’s rock scene, while small, has maintained a strong underground following for decades — and lately, it's growing. Local rock outfit Analog has been a huge part of that community and its resurgence. Now, the band has released its first full-length album, Portable People, which explores the group's unconventional psych-rock sound. - Miami New Times

"Analog Presents their Debut Full-Length Album Portable People"

Miami based four piece Analog has just delivered an indie gem with their debut full-length album Portable People. Released on July 5th, the LP is the band’s first full-scale release since their debut EP Extended Pleasure, back in 2014. The band is composed of Albae Camino (lead vocals/guitar), Esteban Gomez (lead guitar/ambient vocals), Juan Manuel Gonzalez (bass) and Tekilla (drums). Analog has remained a regular fixture in the Miami and South Florida rock scene, playing extensively in their locale. This latest release has solidified their standing at the forefront of grunge rock’s resurgence in popularity. - Rock The Pigeon Music Blog

"Spill Album Review: Analog - Portable People"

Heavily influenced by 90’s grunge, the band add refinement to a nostalgic sound with powerful vocals and moreish melodies, reminiscent of Oasis or Radiohead (if those bands were raised by the tropical, groovy vibes of Miami). Indeed their South Floridian home is a major part of their sound. The nuanced and textured rhythms that weave throughout the album perhaps being attributed to the rich cultural landscape that is Miami. - The Spill Magazine

"Analog Releases Tame"

It’s an almost immersive song – the listener dives right into a head-bang, or two, or three, and the aggressive tone is remarkably measured. It’s a strong song and the duh-duh-duh-duh reverb chases the listener in the same way John Williams’ terrified listeners with the Jaws’ theme music. The song really picks up with lyrics like “And I’ve been thinking and I’m not dreaming!” The vocals sound a bit like Gorillaz and are delivered in a way fans of the White Stripes, Nirvana or even The Hives will really dig. - Music Existence

"Analog release Tame"

One of the best takeaways from the music video “Tame” is the idea that at one point, aren’t we all at our breaking point? Aren’t we all driven to madness, even if only for one minute, and it changes our lives forever? The song from Miami rockers, Analog, is equally electrifying in its unhinged burst of all-out percussion, sketchy guitar riffs and embolden bass guitar rhythms. “Tame” is a juggernaut of sound and its accompanying video is a testament to humanity’s passionate meltdowns. - Indie Pulse Music

"SoundWaves interview with analog"

Fresh off the release of their new music video and just prior to their vinyl release at 1306 Miami, host Sara Britto speaks with indie-rock band, Analog. - Currents.Miami

"The 5 Best Concerts in Miami this Weekend"

Analog Record-Release Show. Rock music is falling in popularity nationwide. But Miami’s rock scene, while small, has maintained a strong underground following for decades — and lately, it's growing. Local rock outfit Analog has been a huge part of that community and its resurgence. Now, the band has released its first full-length album, Portable People, which explores the group's unconventional psych-rock sound. Analog's latest single, “Tame,” exemplifies the newer sound the band has been developing for the last couple of years. The song takes on a more psychedelic feel while retaining the original elements of '80s and '90s rock that feature heavily throughout the group's discography. Read more about Analog's first full-length record. 9 p.m. Friday, July 5, at 1306, 1306 N. Miami Ave., Miami; No cover. - Miami New Times

"Unconstrained desire is explored in analog's newest song "tame""

“We as humans tend to take everything for granted. Especially when it’s right under our nose. Once it’s gone, We suddenly ache for it. We always want what we can’t have.” - Albae Camino, lead vocals and guitar, on his latest single.

Analog are influenced by Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes and Robert Johnson. The Portable People LP, due out on July 5th, will be the band's first full-scale release since their debut EP Extended Pleasure, back in 2014. - Indie - Music Co

"analog Delivers headbanging second single "tame" with Music Video"

Miami-based 4 piece rock band Analog is back with their headbanging second single “Tame” from their upcoming full-length album Portable People. Along with the track, the band has also delivered its accompanying music video, a cinematic thriller of sorts depicting a high stakes affai - The Hype Magazine

"Analog delivers latest single tame"

ANALOG deliver latest headbanging single “Tame” with a music video!The track comes as the second release from their upcoming full-length Portable People! -

"analog has delivered second single "tame" with music video"

Miami rock outfit analog has delivered a second single “Tame” from their upcoming full-length album Portable People. The track is a headbanging portrait of unconstrained desire, the resulting limbo of driving guitars and catchy hooks leaving the listener in a whirlwind of moreish rock vibes. Along with the track’s release, the band also deliver its accompanying music video. - Too Much Love Magazine

"Review: analog - old joy"

South Florida headquartered four piece Analog is a mainstay on the local music scene and their first studio release since 2014’s EP Extended Pleasure, the full length Portable People, is set to drop in May of this year. The first single from the album, “Old Joy”, comes along with a first rate music video demonstrating their aptitude for merging their songwriting with an intelligent use of imagery and color. First formed in 2012, their musical influences spring from a variety of sources; classic alternative rock, pop, punk, psychedelic, and even blues sounds are present in Analog’s musical DNA and makes it well nigh impossible, thank god, to affix a single label to what they offer. Led by front man and guitarist Albae Camino, Analog emerges from this recording as a tight and confident band intent on providing listeners with a memorable musical experience.

The lean rhythm focused guitar work and uptempo pace opening the song definitely casts “Old Joy” in the mold of the best 90’s alternative rock, but Analog keeps things clean and well defined instead of embracing dissonance as an affectation. The rhythm section of drummer Tekilla and bassist Juan Manuel Gonzalez hold down the bottom end with tasteful yet muscular playing – there are no added frills weighing down their performance with useless self indulgence. Things become a little more rough and tumble as the song goes on – the guitars take on more bite and particularly excel during the song’s rousing chorus. Lead guitarist Esteban Gomez takes a turn showing off his lead guitar skills, but there’s nothing self-serving about those contributions to “Old Joy”. Instead, there’s a near orchestral focus in those touches that sounds determined to integrate itself into the song’s larger scheme rather than standing out from it.


Camino’s vocals are melodic and assertive without ever sounding strident. Like Gomez’s lead guitar touches, Camino comes across as a singer who isn’t intent on standing apart from the song but, rather, meshing his talents into the musical fabric. There are some moments when backing vocals join Camino and an obvious minimum of post-production affectation weighing down the singing. Camino doesn’t possess a powerful voice on this track, but he is more than capable of carrying the band’s music and brings a level of melancholy and emotion to the song that will be, perhaps, unexpected to some.

The video adopts a cut-up style of sorts combining military imagery at the beginning with an assortment of other visual touches throughout that do not dovetail into the lyrical content but, nonetheless, provide a feast for the eyes. It is a nice addition to the single release and show the band bring far more imagination to the table than their already imaginative approach to songwriting reveals. Analog’s sophomore release Portable People promises to be a formidable release based on the quality of “Old Joy” and a possible turning point in the band’s fortunes that exposes their musical talent to a national audience. They are deserving and will capitalize on any opportunity this single presents. - IndiePulse Music

"Spill Video Premiere: analog - old joy"

Packed with personality, Miami based four piece Analog have delivered an auspicious first release off their upcoming full-length album Portable People. “Old Joy”, released today, is a laid back yet uplifting blast of catchy and singable rock, with noticeable influences from mid 90’s alternative. The track stays true to typically grunge themes (distortions and progressions) while ascending to an unexpected height of creativity and euphoric hooks at the chorus. While establishing an emotiveness reminiscent of The Breeders, “Old Joy” never leans too far into the overly wry tropes of grunge, and in fact, there is a refreshingly reviving lilt to singer Albae Camino’s voice. As guitarist Esteban Gomez lends harmonic support, the track is drenched in angsty melody, while still leaving a smile on the listeners face.

The single is stylistically captivating in its blending of diverse influences to create a truly gratifying sonic experience. Much like the city they reside in, with it’s amalgam of cultures, architecture, and lifestyle, Analogs mix of textures, sounds, and styles make for groovy rhythms and unforgettable melodies. “Old Joy” is being released with a visual counterpart, a psychedelic collection of images with a vintage touch.

The Portable People LP will be the band’s first full-scale release since their debut EP Extended Pleasure, back in 2014. The large gap has created much anticipation since the band has maintained a strong presence in South Florida’s music scene.

The singles spring release is befitting, as the track was definitely meant to be blasted in a car full of friends with the windows down. Portable People will be available in May, and I’m definitely excited to hear what’s next from this tropical rock band.

Artist Quote

“It’s like diving to this underwater world. Like Art Deco 50’s style in the 80’s. Death strolling along the bar, all the choices that came back to bite us in the ass are pouring the drinks, while we wait for our share ride to get here. It’s very sunny.” ~Analog, commenting on “Old Joy”. - Spill Magazine

"analog deliver high energy grunge track "old joy" with trippy music video"

Miami based 4 piece rock outfit Analog have just delivered “Old Joy”, the first single off their upcoming full-length album Portable People. The track is a well-crafted blast of singable 90’s rock, staying true to Analogs noticeable grunge influences but allowing poppier hooks to elevate the song to an infectious banger. “Old Joy” was released on April 12th, and is a promising start for their impending LP, the band’s first full-scale release since their debut EP Extended Pleasure, back in 2014.

Analog’s blend of ’90s rock, layered with laid back tropical 60’s vibes, and punchy hooks, adds an enticing edge to their latest music, modernity to a classic sound. The band released their latest single alongside a music video, a befitting visual homage to their vintage sonic scape. The saturated, double exposed images drift, then strobe across the screen, making for an unsettling yet hypnotizing visual experience. Directed and edited by Alexander Applewhite, the video truly reflects the psychedelic aspect of the track, as well as emphasizing their Americana influences. Check it out below! - the Hype Magazine

"Analog Brings Sounds and Style to Las Rosas and Floyd Miami"

sked how his rock band got its name, singer/guitarist Albae Camino recites the dictionary definition of "analog." The gist is that "computers are digital devices; humans are analog," he says. "We brainstormed short, simple names representing the way we sound. The four of us go for a pure, unadulterated sound, but every band is an analog of whatever bands they listened to. Nirvana was the Pixies. The Beatles were Chuck Berry." - Miami New Times

"Anyothercolor, The Rockadictos, Viceroii & Analog @ Las Rosas"

Finally, Miami-based Analog closed out the night with a double encore as demanded by the crowd. The quad is comprised of Albae Camino (lead vocals/guitar), Esteban Gomez (lead guitar/ambient vocals), Juan Manuel Gonzalez (bass) and Tekilla (drums). Although drawing from a number of influences including indie rock and a sludgy, sexy, blues sound, the foursome sometimes reminded me of the emocore gods of the mid-nineties. The band's danceable grooves pulled writhing bodies into the room making their first show of 2019, by all accounts, a clear success. - Abbey Bateman

"7 Bands You've Gotta Hear, Vol, VI"

Miami has a promising new alternative rock band on the DIY radar screen. It is analog, a four-piece band from the “sandy beaches and plastic atmosphere of a city notorious for its partying scene…not alternative rock.” In a little more than a year together, analog has made a big leap forward with the release of the debut LP, Extended Pleasure.

We are big fans of this new band, including the stellar guitar work and percussions on the foot-stomping rocker, “Working Man,” and the undeniably infectious, “Old Joy,” that has to be the closest likeness to 90’s Dinosaur Jr. that we’ve heard in some time, even though the band doesn’t even list Dinosaur Jr. as one of their most influential bands; those are, according to frontman and guitarist Albae Camino, Radiohead, Nirvana, White Stripes, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors. - Indie Rock Cafe

"alternative nation's modern artist showcase"

Analog is a band that has conjured up a concoction from 60’s,70’s, early 90’s rock. They name Nirvana, The White Stripes, R.E.M., The Beatles, and Radiohead as primary influences to their sound, as evident in their single “Working Man” - alternative nation

"analog live at YAI"

“Reminiscent of a 70’s west-coast highway one cruise bathed in post-grunge rasp, Analog delivers a cross between modern and classical rock-and-roll influences. A harmonic consistency in guitar riffs and drumbeats carries faded lyrics spoken in a tone of angst that refuses to bask in Miami’s glitter and vanity. In opposition to the musical mainstream and talented in their own right, four devotees channel their energy into challenging the modern radio sound and reminding our generation that music was not always made on a computer. Catch Analog at Bardot on July 2nd for the 3rd installment of the Young Artist Initiative!” - Young Artist Initiative

"Meet Albae Camino of Analog"

Analog is the combination of four individuals: Manu, Esteban, George and myself. I sing, play guitar, manage and design the visual stuff for it. We are known for our energetic live performances, and for being one of the few Miami acts that run their operation as professional as possible. I could let the bullshit spill on how we are “oh so different” from everybody else, instead, I’ll let that up to you. Come to our shows or go listen to our published work, and make your own opinion. - Voyage MIA magazine

"The Beatles Invasion at Churchill's Pub"

"The band members are highly talented and skilled instrumentalists. Their live performances are entertaining and insightful. This committed band portrays the essence of diligence in craft and dedication to their art. Each enthusiastic band member performs their instrument proficiently exhibiting the loyalty to their musical endeavors." - Vero Art

"analog on their debut album Portable People"

Analog is a Miami based 4 piece rock band who refuses to be tied down to any one type of rock sub-genre. Formed in 2012, the band draws heavily from different styles, borrowing sounds from all iterations of rock, garnished with a hint of blues, indie, and neo-psychedelia. Analog is back in the spotlight with their debut LP Portable People. Out now the album is the band’s first full-scale release since their debut EP Extended Pleasure. The LP was recorded at Romanelli Recordings in Hollywood, with Nick Romanelli as recording engineer for the project. It was mixed by Ferny Coipel at The Shack in Hialeah, and the album mastered by Zach Ziskin. We got to chat with the band about this exciting new release. - The Hype Magazine


Portable People - July 5th 2019

Extended Plesure EP - Nov 8, 2014



analog is a Miami-based that blends several rock sub-genres. The band draws heavily from different styles, borrowing sounds from the 60's,70’s, early 90’s, garnished with a dash of blues, and stoner rock. analog is a four-piece that deliver strong and high-energetic live shows that will keep you on your feet. 

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