Analog Out

Analog Out


Analog Out melds intelligent lyrics with music that is appropriately heartfelt but also infectious. As we see it, there are no rules. And as such we often hear that we sound unlike anyone else.


Analog Out is a duo featuring poet/performer Mark Flanigan and musician Steven Proctor, who have been working together for the past four years, first in collaboration on the Volk Spoken Word Series CD (2002). Performances soon followed, first at the original Contemporary Arts Center, followed by a sold out show at the Aronoff Center. Subsequent venues include the Playhouse in the Park, Plush, the Northside Tavern, and Bar Humbug, among others. In 2003, they had the honor of being the inaugural performers at the new Contemporary Arts Center black box theatre. And, at present, they are at work on their first album, why (August 2005), as well as scheduled to perform at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival this summer.

As for influences there are many: Patti Smith, particularly her earlier work; King's X, Iggy and the Stooges, Pulp, Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, Michael Hedges, Radiohead, Big Star, The Album Leaf, among others....

What sets us apart from others, aside from creating in non-traditional means, is our propensity for inspiring our audience to just feel....


"Dream?" single released September 2004, available at

Volk CD released in November 2002