Analog Panda

Analog Panda

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
BandRockHard Rock

Just call our New-Age-Bluesy-Rock-Rhyme sound, Ecstasy Music. With Brass knuckles hidden behind our backs, we go hard! We're the feeling of hot sex with the one you love... A stroke of genius! This is America, Urban, Tears, Tattoos, Blackness and Blues. A sophisticated experimentation Of Dopeness... Analog Panda, We -- Free up and Rock on !!!

Graffiti Driss of Analog Panda


Analog Panda: The idea, was created while doing stage performance work in Santa Monica,CA with the Hittites Empire at the 18th St. Arts Complex. As a Ritualistic Performance Artist, I have performed as a Butoh Dancer, Actor and Musician in London, England, New York and L.A. Analog Panda, as a group, which includes my bandmates Marty 'The Drummer' Williamson and David C. Wesenberg, our style can range from Blues, Rock, Hip Hop/ Hardcore Rap to Dub and Punk.  When we do our thing, I employ my guys to go were the Music and Spirit moves... Check us out on Spotify or Sound Cloud, create Havoc!


Get it in/ Blue

Written By: Idrissa Ekundayo

I came to get it in, said we was meant to go hard
Like Daniel in the Lion's Pen-nitentiary,
This World can't do me no harm...


Analog Panda: Hopeless vs Romantic LP 2014

Recycled Vynl Vol. 1
Recycled Vynl Vol. 2
Organic Fight Music
OFM: Acoustic
Don't Sweat The Technique Mixtape

Set List

What it Took to Get Here
Take That!
Mechanical Woman
Get It In/ Blue
Army Green Salute
Tin Pan Alley
Bob Marley

1234 Know This

Freeky With You

She Lied