Analog Sway

Analog Sway

 Pasadena, California, USA

Analog Sway fuses the pop side of Duran Duran, with the rock and energy of Aerosmith, and the beat-driving grooves of Maroon 5 to create electro-rock sound that will have you hittting the dance floor.


The toughest thing about listening to the ever-so-catchy Analog Sway is trying to figure out whether to rock out or whether to dance.

Analog Sway is the brainchild of studio whiz Matt Salazar, who has worked in the studio with plenty of Hollywood hit-makers and produced for rising rockers Depswa and Nural. He paired with electric frontman Mikey Segerstrom to create a great new-retro rock sound.

When Matt heard Mikey sing, he knew he had the voice and flair of a hit-maker. When Mikey heard the sounds Matt was putting together in his studio, he knew something fresh, new and fun was on the way. When they got together, it just clicked.

With layers upon layers of guitars, synths and keyboards – see them them live you'll trip out at the cool gadgets they have on stage – they're making catchy rock that will make people dance again.

Remember that electro-sounding rock we all used to groove to in the '80s? So does Analog Sway. Fuse the pop side of Duran Duran, with the rock and energy of Aerosmith, and the beat-driving grooves of Maroon 5 and you're on the right track to pin-pointing Analog Sway's sound.

Just listen to the super-catchy "Sleepwalking" a few times. You'll wake up singing it tomorrow, guaranteed. Same with "Welcome to November." If you want something a little harder, give the "The Flood" a spin.

Watching them live is to see a seasoned band, well beyond the short months that Analog Sway has been in existence. Merging both Matt and Mikey's stellar credentials with a group of hand-picked musicians backing them up, Analog Sway's show is tight, eye-catching and full of energy.

You'll want to rock out and dance. It's OK, do both.


Analog Sway has an untitled full-length album that's being shopped to labels for a summer release. "Sleep Walking," "The Flood" and "Welcome to November" have got spins on KRZR and KFSR in Fresno, Calif.

Set List

Running Reds, The Flood, Welcome To November, BackFire, The Ghost, Robots Ruin Lives, Sleep Walking, Land Of Confusion, Last Man Standing