BandEDMNew Age

simple. improvised. soundtracks and rythmns.


with a massively diverse collection of influences including dave brubeck, bt, moby and chopin to inspire his compositions- analoguepilot (joshua conti) deftly weaves improvisation, rythmn and simplicity throughout all of his music.
currently, he is working on his upcoming album "audiopacifier": an entirely digital album to be released through various internet venues at the end of this july. this album is music written for his newborn son but aimed at appealing to all audiences and listening styles.



Written By: joshua clifford conti / the remix foundation

no lyrics. "depth" is an spontaneously composed instrumental.

Theme For Jessie

Written By: Joshua Clifford Conti

no lyrics. an instrumental composition for my wife on the day of our wedding as she walked down the isle.


upcoming first analoguepilot album: "audiopacifier" july 2009

indie release of album "listen" under the ambientflightheory alias in 2002

honourable mention winner in the 2003 john lennon songwriting contest

airplay on various podcasts and internet radio stations around the world

Set List

currently in studio.