Analogue Transit

Analogue Transit

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Analogue Transit sounds like the future of music. Inspired by groups like Mute Math, The Brazilian Girls, Radiohead, Blackstar, and Coldplay this combination of live instruments and live samples and digital sequencing sounds like a hybrid of hip-hop, electronica, and rock.


The name is self-explanatory: Analogue Transit represents the transition of sound from analog to digital. The members of the group, Jeff Shreiner and Kwaku, have taken the basis for their sound and christened themselves with it. The Brooklyn-based duo, however, is more than just a catchy name.

Jeff & Kwaku met while working on a previous project. Mild-mannered music teacher by day, Kwaku plays lead guitar and lends his salt and pepper vocals to the studio versions, which he then improvises and reiterates on stage. Jeff, something of a musical renaissance man, is the production wunderkind that pushes and pulls sounds into shapes, helping them achieve equilibrium. By adding the human element, the two recreate on stage the intricate process that takes place in the studio, resulting in a sound that is both comfortably familiar and a welcome challenge.
Artistically methodical in their approach, the two musicians incorporate both analog and digital techniques to make music that is progressively forward-thinking without losing the lovingly hand-crafted touch of analog production. To be clear, though, this is not the tired battle of old school vs. new school. Rather, Analogue Transit place themselves in an alternate universe where the old and new co-exist, engaging in a seamless dialog uninterrupted by disputes between generations and the gaps created by things lost in transition.


The Blue EP released 6/15/10 (available digitally)
The Green Ep released 6/29/10 (available digitally)
ATR released 1/25/10

Set List

Great Jones
Blackout Artist
Dream in Spaces

Set length: 45mins - 1 hour