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The best kept secret in music


"Winner 2005 Temecula film and Music Festival"

There is no doubt Ana Lovelis is a STAR. I look forward to working with this emerging artist in 2006.

- Art Ford, Ford Music Services

Art Ford is former VP of publishing at BMG - Art Ford

"Ana Lovelis CD review"

" Nothin but Love – (Postal Service Madness) "
Genre: pop

I didn’t know Playboy did a Best Unsigned Band Contest….
Beautiful! Sensual! Loud! IMPACT! Thankfully - I don’t have to type with my jaw. It’s a bit heavy on the floor if ya know whut I mean, Vern.
Guys, this is one of those CD’s that get worn out. And I promise,
It won’t leave my desk for a while. Thanks for the visuals. : ) Mother of a hit CD! Hey…if playboy approves…so do I! That’s just the way it is…

- reviewed by Annette Warner - GoGirls music

"# 1 at"

This artist's music has been played 11,521 times in the 30 day period starting 2/23/2006 6:03:26 PM PST. Today is 3/23/6.

# 1 featured artist at our site!!

- Artist Launch

"Hard edges, soft surfaces"

When I first sat down to review Ana Lovelis' videos and music, as she was seeking new management, I was instantly drawn to her unique presentation and delivery over a wide range of love-based songs, not to mention her amazing vocals and utter beauty.

In the 2nd song 'I'm a Girl' off of Ana's CD Nothin but love (postal service madness) I was instantly drawn to the chorus, easily repeating the lyrics and for once, I understood and deeply felt Ana's interpretation of love from a girl's point of view.

At that moment, I thought to myself – how can this stuff not be on the radio – because these were complete pop gems? It wasn't long before I realized that Ana had co-written this song with the Matrix trio, who had written several of Avril Lavigne's big hits.

As I dug deeper into the CD, the list of major song-writers grew, including Matthew Gerrard, who wrote Kelly Clarkson's multi-platinum hit Breakaway, which was originally written for Avril. Again I thought to myself, how come this stuff isn't on the radio? Furthermore, how did she afford these producers and songwriters?

I learned it was RCA and industry guru Clive Davis. When I learned that Ana basically negotiated out of the deal to essentially keep her integrity, I thought – is this girl crazy? I mean, doesn't every artist dream of making it on a MAJOR label (statistically, less than .1% of bands ever get to that point).

It wasn't until I saw Ana perform for the first time that I realized she's not an artist you can control in any way. Furthermore, I couldn't believe just how consistent her vocal dynamics were in comparison to the CD - there were no fancy studio tricks, just pure, passionate vocals with an acoustic guitar.

I watched her perform 8 songs and with each song, she took me out of my element and into hers. I was captivated by her innate ability to tell a story or rather sing it and reel the listener into her vivid and imaginable world. If that wasn't enough, Ana performed like a star, as if she were performing before a 90,000 seat arena.

Towards that end, 5 major music industry players at a film and music festival critiqued Ana back in the fall of 2005. One of them said, "I see it says in your bio that you compare yourself to Madonna. Quite frankly, you are no Madonna. I have worked with Madonna for more than 15 years and you are light-years ahead of Madonna in terms of vocal performance and showmanship. There is no doubt you are going to be a STAR."

Next week after that, we were offered a series of licensing deals for major motion picture movies and TV shows. Hearing this gave me goose bumps and I knew I had to work with this girl.

Furthermore, at a recent music convention in Hollywood, I was with Columbia Records A&R and Michael Laskow, President/CEO of TAXI in the Presidential Suite looking over Hollywood playing Ana's song Wet. Needless to say, Marshall from Columbia was quite impressed and told the others 'Now that is how you write a chorus! Damn good song!!

Again, I got goose bumps and an overwhelming feeling that indeed; this girl is going to be a STAR. After that event, I was presented with another series of licensing deals, all of which are in negotiation, as we continue to value and control our music, our art and our integrity.

We are now scheduled to co-headline the 140,000-person Rock Oyster festival in England in September, and will book a European tour around it. We will be putting a DOXY song into the horror movie Cabras, which is the first independent movie scheduled to be released internationally with Ipod.

Ana will be launching an LA-based fashion store with which she will be modeling the clothes in combination with the music internationally through podcasting. The new album with her new band DOXY record will be out in the coming months and will be a complete 180 to the pop stuff; much heavier, raw and always passionate.

- Geoff Koboldt, President
Out of Step Entertainment - Review Magazine

"Pick of the Moment: Estrogenius"

Not long ago, I got an email from Ana Lovelis, a Philly-born/New York-based artist, inviting me to check out her website. So I went to, and was treated immediately to the video for her song "I'm a Girl". The video, the song, and the Girl were all irresistibly clever, whimsical and fun.

In other words, I was instantly hooked. And I still am.

I've mentioned in the past how I rate talent based on how badly my pathologically-low self-esteem makes me feel in comparison to said talent. Yeah, I'm weird that way. Well, the album Nothin But Love by Ana Lovelis resulted in an afternoon of pointed self-rebuke, followed by 24 hours of deep dissatisfaction with my path in life. It's that good.

Nothin But Love is a bit of an odd duck. It's a Pop album that self-consciously uses all of the tricks of the Pop music trade, while at the same time raging against the major-label machine that consistently turns out music that is not nearly as good as this. The album works because Ana Lovelis is a real person, not a persona whipped-up by a marketing committee in order to sell posters. And yet...she would look really good on a poster. I'm sure that creating such a paradox is what gets Ms Lovelis up in the morning.

"I'm a Girl" is another Ana Lovelis paradox. Musically, it's a Pop masterpiece, and it deserves to be a Top 10 hit. Which would be great, because I can imagine the millions of 13-year-old girls who will be singing I'm a girl, I have no brain / Dumb enough to think you'd change / But smart enough to get your attention. Subversive? Probably not, but one can only hope. In any case, sharp lyrics are clearly the weapon of choice for Ana Lovelis. Later in the same song, she says I smile sweetly while you go at em / Takes longer to split the atom.

The rest of the songs on Nothin But Love range from the rocking title track to the thoughtful self-examination of "Venus", "Kinda Girl you Love" and "Bipolar Girl". Yes, that makes three tracks on the album with "girl" in the title. Clearly, Ms Lovelis identifies strongly and honestly with her femininity. "Kinda" is about pushing away a man who is looking for more than a casual relationship. But is it because she has too much confidence, or too little? I don't wanna know that you're into me / That you'd carry me away and marry me / I just wanna go on lying to myself.

"Come Down on Me" and "Satellite Sunday" show Ana Lovelis' extraordinary range of styles, with the former sounding like a Faith Hill ballad, and the latter like an incredible, lost Madonna track. And although she identifies as a "girl", the songs "Wet" and "Polluted Heart" obviously come from a woman who owns her sexuality, and isn't afraid to use it. This is a welcome contrast to the commoditized teases of major-label Pop princesses. Normally one would have to seek out an Indie artist for some honest sexuality. There are exceptions to the rule, and I'm glad to see that Ana Lovelis is one of them.

And when we reach the final track, "Mother of a Hit Song", we see what the album and the artist are really all about. In the vein of Pavement's "Cut Your Hair", Ana Lovelis has written a song expressing the frustration of an artist who is expected to write a hit song. Oh hell, it's easier if you just read the chorus: Cause maybe if I write a big fat motherfucking hit song / Put it out and have a fucking sing along / Maybe that's when the world pays attention to me...

I know I'M paying attention. "Nothin But Love" blew me away. In a year that has seen some surprisingly high-quality Pop releases, this one tops them all. This is truly an artist to watch, and I can't wait to see Ana Lovelis beat the shit out of everybody's expectations. Give the artist her due, and buy this album.

- Estrogenius

"Winner of Playboy.coms best usigned band"

Propelled by a barrage of catchy hooks and the sly, sexy lyrics of hyperactive front woman Ana Lovelis, New York rockers Doxy emerged victorious in's first Search for America's Best Unsigned Band. Doxy beat out two other semi-finalists, Orlando's Stooges-loving exhibitionists the Studdogs and Atlanta pop powerhouse GoodNight City. Lovelis, along with guitarists Ian Beers and Mike Desmond, will share in the contest's spoils, including an opening spot with the SuicideGirls on their winter tour.
"I've been struggling to get recognition for who I am all my life," Lovelis told "All of us in the band have been busting our asses, so winning's Unsigned Band contest has been a great musical experience."
Though Doxy has only been together for a relatively short time, Beers says it feels "like we've been doing it for 100 years." Lovelis, a wildly animated performer who first got on stage when she was only 12, placed a series of "Musician Wanted" ads in the Village Voice to get the band started. Those ads attracted Beers, a guitarist and production wiz, and Desmond, who played lead axe in an '80s cover band. The trio bonded over shared musical influences like Tool, Smashing Pumpkins and Tori Amos. They also discovered a mutual distaste for music industry bullshit, especially Lovelis, who had a bad experience with a producer trying to force her into the pop-princess mold.

"I would play something I wrote to these suits," said Lovelis, "and then they would play Avril and tell me I should sound more like her. I don't want to be like her or Jessica Simpson. I like [my music] to have this strength."
Those kinds of creative conflicts didn't deter diehard, do-it-yourself Doxy. Their over-the-top stage shows -- including one during which Lovelis smashed a statue of Venus de Milo, whose head flew off and hit a talent scout in the balls -- and lyrics that combine sex and sarcasm, have attracted a dedicated fan base.
Lovelis says the band is tired of "working 20 hours a day just to pay rent," and that they are ready to take it to the next level. To make that happen, Doxy recently left Gotham to relocate and record an album in L.A, which they'll distribute on their own terms. Though the band's trademark song, "Mother of a Hit Song," is a sarcastic send-up of the music industry, don't be surprised if Doxy's success on helps them beat the big labels at their own game.

"Artist Review"

Ana Lovelis, Oh My God where should I begin?
Imagine Bette Midler, on speed and that will just begin to give you a fuzzy picture of what Ana's stage presence is. Except she's young and very pretty. Oh I almost forgot, Her music ROCKS!!!
Believe me this girl is not cut from the same mold as all the other female crooners out there today. No predictable lyrics here, no cookie cutter angry ballads, (you left me, I love you, come back, I hate you), they are all singing the same song over and over again. Nope none of that crap here. Just great music with lyrics that make you exercise all your senses.
- Freeworld Radio

"2005 Sundance Film Festival final candidate"

Ana along with her partners at 714 pictures have been chosen to be a finalist in the Sundance film festival for her submission of the script "Bipolar girl". Of over 1700 applicants, she is one of 100 finalist. The field will be narrowed down to 15 winners. - Sundance film Festival

"My Current Recommendation"

Ana Lovelis....There are so many young indie artists starting out in the music business today....but so few have the marketable all- aound talent that this young artist has. Ana's debut CD, 'Nothin' but Love'; is filled with all the 'tricks of the trade' of songwriting and production...but this release is filled with so much more. Sensual and powerful vocals, radiate throughtout...letting the listener explore the seemingly 'raw exposed nerve' of rejection and lust.
This Philly-born artists' talent goes well beyond her singing and lyrical talent. Being the female lead of her band ' Doxy', their live shows bring a theatrical element, that has help build a strong fan base around the world.
'Nothin' but Love'....draws you in deeper and deeper into Ana's mind, with each track; until you reach my personal favorite..'polluted heart'; a song exploring one's ability to fully love someone, onced they've discovered your true self.
The boys of A&R might have screwed up again in neglecting this TRUE artist. Check out her website, and enjoy the passion. - The Feminine Groove

"Winner Battle of GoGirls '05"

Sorry, could not attend this exciting event due to a scheduling conflict - Us


Ana Lovelis(Trident Style Records) Japan

Nothing but love
(Postal service madness)(DKE Records)

Cd available @ Tower Records and

Contact: 917.407.4690


Feeling a bit camera shy


Ana Lovelis
At 5’2”, this crooner makes up for her petite ninety-nine pound frame with a powerful and provocative vocal style and range not cut from the same mold as todays pop singers. Accented with a satirical lyric writing ability her “can’t get it out of my head” melodies are well-found throughout this entire album. You get the sense of musical diversity from from the garage-rock track “Nothing but love” to the riot grrrl feminism exemplified in “I’m a girl”, “Step up to the plate” and “kinda girl you love”. A stark emotional search for intimacy in “Venus” and perhaps the loveliest and most naked song on the album “Come down on me”.

While her songs are reminiscent of Madonna and Gwen Stefani, it’s her unforgettable stage performances which mirror such energies as Freddie Mercury, Scott Weiland, and Cyndi Lauper that give credence to her belief that we take ourselves way too seriously.

Born in Philadelphia, this multifaceted entertainer was classically trained in ballet, jazz and musical theatre. Through high school she found herself
constantly resisting conformity and developing a rebellious nature, which drove her to the streets and clubs of the New York City underground where she began fronting a speed ukulele punk band “Uke till you puke”. Her natural ability to write melodies, lyrics and songs grabbed the attention of music industry pundits (RCA/Clive Davis) who placed her collaborating with modern pro pop writers such as The Matrix (Avril Lavigne), Matthew Gerrard (Kelly Clarkson), Shep and Kenny and others.

On top of the new release, she has relocated from NYC to Los Angeles and has been most ambitious, a self-proclaimed workaholic. In the summer of 2004, she and her band “DOXY” entered and won’s “America’s Best Unsigned Band” contest (50,000+ entries) with their recoil hit “Mother of a hit song”, a response to being a slave to your record label. She has had songs in three independent films and is currently in negotiation with 2 large Indie licensing/publishing firms for placements in MAJOR TV/FILM production, including the OC. Ana is currently working on a screenplay based on her life titled “Bipolar Girl” which placed in the final rounds at SunDance Film Festival. The finishing touches are also being put on a book of short stories and poems “Drinking Bullets While Drowning on Mars.”

Ana is managed by Out of Step Entertainment and attorney William Berrol.

For more information go to:

nothin but love(postal service madness) features all of the tracks of her 2004 Japanese album, Ana Lovelis, (Trident Style) plus extra bonus tracks as well as additional video