Anamanaguchi is a young four-piece group from New York City that combines arena guitars with the thick, electronic tones of a hacked Nintendo Entertainment System. The driving and melodic tracks go far beyond the electronic novelty - making sure to amaze crowds every night.


Anamanaguchi is a four-piece group from New York City that combines arena guitars with the thick, electronic tones of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The project started in late 2003 when 18 year-old frontman Peter Berkman (guitar, programming, producer) began experimenting with the game system. The band has had recent additions in 2006 including Spencer Casey (guitar), Charlie Hankin (drums), and James DeVito of Stab The Matador (bass). Since then, Anamanaguchi has been taking the underground by storm; gathering a diverse and energized crowd at each show with their unique, electrifying sound. Being a major player in the burgeoning 8-bit music scene, their fanbase is quickly and steadily rising. This 8-bit scene, with large bases in Japan, the UK, Sweden, and more recently America, is essentially a kind of "folk" for the upcoming generations raised on technology and the mass communication of the internet.

The band has played at such recognized venues as the Knitting Factory, the Cake Shop and performed at 2006’s highly successful Blip Festival which featured 32 different 8-bit artists from Japan, Europe and the USA in lower Manhattan.

In August of 2006, the band’s debut Power Supply EP was released via 8bitpeoples (a net-label including the artists behind Beck's Gameboy Variations EP) - through word-of-mouth it slowly became one of the top releases on the label. With the buzz still circulating, 2007 has already been a lucrative year for the band. Some of the year’s events include tours in LA and the UK, a feature interview on, remixing for TVT artist the Cinematics, and the beginning of production on their full-length debut.

Anamanaguchi's sound can best be described with the arena rock aesthetic of Weezer, the lo-fi electronic stylings of Ratatat and the hyperactive fullsound-spectrum feel of Lightning Bolt. Presenting a wall of sound, their recordings impress with a successful marriage of electronics & instruments. Live, usually accompanied with hacked visuals from New York video artists, they create an environment where dueling guitars cascade over squarewaves while Charlie Hankin pounds the drums with the technical intensity of a glitching robot.

Anamanaguchi is currently scheduling many tour dates this summer in full support of their EP. All the while, they continue to prepare their full-length record - gaining the support of fans from all over the globe.


Power Supply EP - 8bitpeoples
8BP050 Compilation - 8bitpeoples

Set List

Sting Operation
Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea)
Helix Nebula
Video Challenge
Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues
My Hover Bike
Fast Turtle
Blackout City
Power Supply

Usually a 30-45 minute set.