Kalyani Ananda & Ryan Murphy
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Kalyani Ananda & Ryan Murphy

Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""I can feel your heart through your music.""

Dear Kalyani,

The new recordings are awesome! I can feel your heart through your music. It's all beautiful! The harmonica and percussion adds juicy depth to Mystery and this understated version of Hadleyland is just amazing! And how I love Crazy Way -- I so relate that to myself! How can any of us be other than who we are? And how zany the world is, or others' perceptions are, that we think ourselves "crazy" or not normal? What is normal anyway? Just a setting on the washing machine, as one song says!

You are connecting powerfully with us as a singer and songwriter. I am humbled by your artistry and depth. And I look forward to being present when you play live -- just let me know when!

Thank you for being you!! Love, Annamaria - Annamaria Sergi, Austin Body Choir Dance Facilitator

""You sound great...""

You sound great, keep us posted as to where and when you are performing. - fan comment on www.myspace.com/kalyanisings

""i love your wonderful music!!!""

i love your wonderful music!!! - fan comment on www.myspace.com/kalyanisings

""Super cool.""

Super cool. Nice song! Post another please. - artist comment on www.myspace.com/kalyanisings

""so so so sooothing""

ofcourse i remember you..Thanks for the add.. u are amazing.. absolutely love ur tunes.... so so so sooothing.
i'm sure i'll definitely see you around.
Have a great day
Kalu James - myspace comment from Kalu James


Various and random Ananda Panda recordings can be found on bootleg CDs and hard drives throughout greater Texas. In addition:
- Kalyani's February 2008 demo CD contains three original songs
- Ryan has appeared on various recordings, both solo and with a variety of bands.



Once upon a time, there were two panda bears named Ryan and Kalyani. Although they were happy for the most part, they seemed to always be searching for that special bliss (ananda) that comes from creating just the right sound with just the right people in just the right moment.

As they grew, each panda looked for musical ananda in his (or her) own special way. Ryan went to music school, but then he learned that we don't need no education, so instead, he wrote songs about polar bears and dolphins and girls waking up. Kalyani joined Corporate Babylon, but secretly wrote soothing songs about love and life and longing in her spare time.

Each panda, separately and with gusto, dreamt of starting a cool band (as pandas are wont to do). Sadly, our heros couldn't find a single other animal who was ready, willing, and able to let go of their inhibitions and jam themselves into total musical mayhem---brightly, brightly, and with beauty. So they wrote their little lonely songs and recorded their little solo albums and led happy, partially fulfilled lives.

Then one day, Ryan stumbled over Kalyani at an ecstatic dance. As they tumbled into a big pile of love, limbs, and musical instruments, they could sense (with their special Panda senses) that ananda was just around the corner. It wasn't long before musical Panda-monium ensued.

The Ananda Pandas amassed tons of fun and fulfillment by jamming in houses, cars, buses, at Barton Springs, in the street, at Body Choir, in coffee shops, and in all sorts of mad and eclectic places around Austin, Texas. Then, our heros began to look ouside of Austin, for those special venues that would allow them to share their Ananda-Panda-monium with the masses, and then...

TAKE OVER the WORLD! To be continued...