Ananda Vaughan

Ananda Vaughan


An accomplished guitarist with deep jazz roots, Ananda is bringing a fresh original sound forward. He integrates world and urban inspirations such as reggae, hip-hop, and many others with an uplifting poetry. Forward-moving heartsongs.


"I know I am what rises from all holy dust..."

After years of Ananda training as a lead guitar player (including extensive jazz school), everything changed. The world as he knew it fell from his grasp... and he had to look deeply into who he was and why he chose to make music. From this disillusionment has emerged an ever-deepening peace, new focus... and a continuous stream of songs.

Still honoring his jazz roots, but no longer confined by them, Ananda Vaughan is now stepping out with a repertoire of original songs far beyond his original vision. His music is now integrating more acoustic elements, and blending them with many styles worldwide. Drawing from such pop influences as Dave Matthews Band and Paul Simon, world musicians Cheikh Lo and Habib Koite (West-African), and underground artists like Midnite, Michael Franti, Black Star, and Grouch & Eligh (reggae, hip-hop)... Ananda merges so many flavors to bring a positive, uplifting, mystical message for the healing of this time.

"Make no mistake, these songs are coming from a Source much deeper than my own personal self... and this Source knows how to groove!"

(Ananda Vaughan is now residing in Nevada City, CA, making his living as a guitar instructor. He is available either as a solo performer or accompanist.)


Ananda - "From the Ashes"

Set List

Sweet Victory
In Our Center
Bolo Bolo Ram
Jah Light
Give Jah Praise
Elixir of Life
Seek Freedom
Become the Flower
Baba Hanuman
Lord, Lord
Peace Offering

2 long sets, or three shorter ones.
Enough for 3+ hours of music.