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Written By: Anand Deva

As you reached beyond the stars
Will your story not be told
Did you made the sacrifice
To be lost somewhere

Did you turn your back on faith?
Were you longing to be free
of the greed and misery
that defines our age
When will we remember you?
You fallen star

Do you cry for all we lost?
Do you think of us at all?
Will the world you left behind
share the dreams of old

And are you ever coming back?
Will we ever have the time?
Will we only know your name
And the memory, of love?

When will we remember you?
You fallen star
When will we remember you
You silver star

As you take your final breath
Do you think of what we held
Did you make the sacrifice
For the way ahead

We will still remember you
You silverstar

Love songs gone

Written By: Anand Deva

love songs gone
Lyrics and music - Anand Deva

I don't have love songs on my ipod baby
I said goodbye to love
I don't like songs that make its sound so easy
They never say enough say enough

What's the use of singing love songs baby
When love won't come my way
What's the use of letting hearts rule baby
It gonna end in lonely days

lonely days
lonely days

I've trashed the love songs on my ipod baby
they're just a waste of time
The love songs really don't do that much for me
I guess I'm out of line

I'm out of line

i don't have love songs on my ipod baby
They don't have much to say
I really find it quite unecessary since my
Since my My love has gone away

gone away
gone away