Ana Nguyen

Ana Nguyen

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Ana Nguyen is a Vietnamese-Australian singer, rapper, songwriter and an political activist and also an member of the First Flight Crew. Has hoped that the world has changed overnight as I'll take over!


Ana Nguyen is a singer, songwriter, rapper, performer and political activist living in Sydney, Australia. Her music is varied as she does all types of things. It does not always fit into one category as she is doing it differently to everyone else and so her music stands out from the crowd, traversing hip hop and rock. She uses the force central to hip hop to discuss the issues that anger her, while rock provides an ideal outlet for her deeper thoughts and emotions. Ana will start using electronic music as well as she wants to draw out fantasies and dreams too. She has performed in stage productions for Powerhouse Youth Theatre; Divine Places (2005), City Quest (2007), Hard Daze (2009) & has been selected for Accessible Arts’ national art exhibition AART.BOXX (2008, 2009). She has been recently became the face of the Don't Dis My Ability campaign, and she was working for the debut album.

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New material will be coming soon as I'm working on the 2 part album series.