anarchist duck

anarchist duck

 Gold Coast, Queensland, AUS

Anarchist Duck fuse reggae, funk, rock and rhymes with soulful harmonies and world beats. They play the kind of music that everyone inevitably must dance to as the rhythm section is infectious, solid and kooky. They create the perfect festival vibe. It's all about sharing the love and the groove...


Formed in August 2004, Anarchist Duck sprung from a hole sawed in their jam room wall to create a quirky blend of hard funk-rock grooves with reggae, hip-hop, ska and Latin flavourings. Their sound is the lovechild of a “meeting between Blue King Brown, The Cat Empire and Sublime” and their live show is an energetic cacophony of groove guaranteed to make ya move. The Ducks pepper their sets with Carnival-esque percussion breakdowns, catchy raps and occasional twisted covers.
In August 2010, the Duck received a RADF grant for their Canberra/Perisher/NSW tour and were chosen by GCMIA to attend the Bigsound Conference in Brisbane. They have been rated in the top 10 albums at 4ZZZ and have been supported by the Gold Coast City Council as part of the A-Venue program for two years running (2010/11).
Anarchist Duck will play the ADELAIDE FRINGE FESTIVAL and Nimbin Mardi Grass in 2011 and have played at Island Vibe Reggae Fest, Perisher Spring Carnival, the Brisbane International Film Festival, Corinbank Festival, Southern Oracle, Surfers Paradise Festival, Wonderland Festival and 4ZZZ punkfest, and venues such as The Zoo, Rics and Lock ‘n’Load (Brisbane), The Shark Bar (Gold Coast), The Railway Hotel (Byron Bay), Nimbin Hotel, Winsome Hotel (Lismore), Swingin Safari, The Loft, The Espy (Melbourne), First Floor (Melbourne), Front Gallery (Canberra), The Phoenix Bar (Canb), Barrells (Sawtell), Hermans Bar (Sydney Uni), The Annandale (Syd) and the Chophouse. They have played alongside the Winnie Coopers, Hermitude, The Bumblebeez, Marshall and the Fro, Sister She, Grass Roots Street Orchestra, Black Market Rhythm Co, Chocolate Strings, CC the Cat, Bertha Control, Indigenous Intrudaz, Hussy Hicks, Roger That, and The Black Market. They have received radio airplay from Brisbane to Melbourne.


Crystal Dreaming

Written By: anarchist duck

in time all will pass o
but beauty need not fade
a different lens will show
the colours behind the grey
i saw you from a distance
i saw you burning thin
so i walk to where the waters meet
in crystal dreaming i swim

i'll send a line out to you
an alternate fate
a message of timeless kindness
vibrate at a different rate
adjust the focus
use the flash and a wider lens
watch it grow if you pass it through your hands

i walk along the ridge where
unreal time stands still
the grass sinks underfoot
hidden places refilled
i found a magikal queendom
i saw another way
now i live where i can learn from
watching the waters play

time is not real


Watch Out - radio airplay brisbane to melbourne EP
Propaganda - september 2009 release

Set List

Renowned for their ability to morph from a classy roots duo with soulful harmonies to a festival-rockin five-piece complete with horn section, the Ducks never fail to woo audiences with their kooky, ‘world music’ songwriting style and peaceful messages of life, love and lawlessness.
Anarchist Duck also have acoustic and covers sets for smaller venues and members have played in a number of prominent roots acts. Singer/bass player (Jules Cottone) won the $5000 Roey Idol (Broome) competition from a start of 280 people in December 2007 and appeared alongside lead guitarist/vocalist, Flawless in the Rock’n’Roll Cooking Show which was broadcast nation wide on Australian television. They secured residencies at Lock’n’Load in Brisbane, the Loft (Chevron Is), the Mermaid Tavern at the Gold Coast in 2008.
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