A Narcissistic Romance

A Narcissistic Romance


We are a post-hardcore band. We've opened for Crowned King before. Originally known as Dead Romance. Have played on the Rockers For Knockers tour the past two years in a row.


Formed in February of 2004, out of the ashes of punk rock 4-piece Jump Ship. Originally known as Dead Romance, started out as a pop-punk/emo duo. It was just Kevan and Brandon until May 2005 when they added bassist Justin Keenan to the line up. Although still playing the pop-punk style of our influences started changing to more hardcore/metal bands then pop-punk and emo bands. But the band was still not complete so in August 2005 we added second guitarist Tommy Barber to the line up. Now with a complete band we started writing new songs and playing more shows. On October 21st we won Supernova's People Choice Award for favourite band at their show at the El Mocambo in Toronto. Now we are currently finishing up writing new material for our debut cd.


Demo - May 2004
1. Waiting
2. Hockey Night
3. Next Time Leave A Note (Acoustic)

Demo "if the world ends today will u be my love"- December 2004
1. Not Another Highschool Crush
2. Dear Mr. Grim
3. All Hope Lost
*gets radio air-play on CKMS 100.3*

XROXX Rock's Vol. 2 Compilation - 2004
1. Not Another Highschool Crush
*released in the United States only*

Demo - October 2005
1. Revenge Is Sweet When Your Dead
2. Dear Mr. Grim
3. Not Another Highschool Crush

Set List

Not Another Higschool Crush
Dear Mr. Grim
Revenge Is Sweet When Your Dead
Untitled (Painted Red)

(new songs in the works...alot of old songs got cut out do to the fact of our change in musical style)
Our set lists usually can go anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.