My music is a blend of guitars, catchy rithms and piano with light electronic sounds that flow in a very melodic pop song structure.

Other Info

Cover band: 


I've released 3 albums: Two in Colombia and one in the U.S.A., Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico. I'm an independent artist at the moment.
1st album: "Escorpion de Primavera",
2nd album: "Astros"
3rd album: "Anasol".
I've had radio play with the two first singles of each:
During 1999 in Colombia, I was number one in Bogota with my song: "Pensando en desorden". On 2002 I was on the top ten with my song: "Sin Miedo a Caer" and on 2005 I was on the top 30 in Billboard with my song: "Sentimiento".

Set List

I have two formats: 20 min performance and one hour preformance. I'm planning to have a third format designed for theatres.
Fist fromat: Seven of my more up beat songs.
Second format: 15 songs and one cover.