California bred singer/songwriter Anastasia culminates an alluring blend of Latin/world rhythm pulse with beach/folk feel good grooves. Her backing band, The Sun Keepers, are a deep breath of musically powered Bay Area band mates that will ensure inescapable dancing and celebration.


Anastasia, a fresh voice in San Francisco’s music scene, has just finished recording her debut album of original songs, Pacific, at Pepper Tree Studio in Carmel Valley.
Anastasia Van Wingerden conjures a musical blend of world rhythms, eclectic pulses, varied Spanish lyrics, and irresistible feel-good folk melodies. The Mission district’s wise and soulful Latin musician, Jorge Molina says, “her narrative is warm and personal, her tone is rich, and her melodies colorful.” Complete with dynamic horns, percussion, and tasteful guitar licks, the group guarantees to make the earth move and crowds dance. Warm Latin vibes mixed with tender ballads and an unusually happy go lucky spirit. L.A.’s respected recording engineer Chris Spilfogel, the sound mixer for Pacific, says, “The thing that impressed me most with Anastasia was the sincerity of her vocal performance.”
Anastasia, also known as Stasia, is a native of Carpinteria, California, raised on music, Gerbera daisies and the lure of the Pacific always down the road. Surfing, yoga, running, painting, cooking, and farming are part of her vibrant approach to life and show up in her music as spirit, lyric and invitation. Her music is her own, with precedents in folk, influences from great balladeers to hot international exploratory beats. Adam Zerbe, founder of Carmel Valley’s 4th Street Records praises Pacific. “Anastasia and her debut album are an intoxicating breathe of fresh California music! She is an artist born to sing and positively empower those around her."


Pacific (LP 2012)
Only the Truth (EP 2011)