Anastasija, electric violin

Anastasija, electric violin


Live improvisation in a very special way. To lift the music step higher. Harmonically to change and create! To make a great show! And to become one with music!


• Live improvisation, dance music.
Anastasija is known as a professional Live Improvisation Artist together with DJs.
She likes to perform with different House, Electronic and Trip Hop styles.


Best Clubs/Concert Halls Anastasija has performed:

Versuz BE
“Orangina” Events, NL
Bozzini NL
The Mansion, A'dam NL
IMAX, R'dam NL
Supperclub, A'dam NL
Muziekgebouw A'dam NL
De Doelen, grand hall, R'dam NL

Clubs in Baltic States:

Essential LV
The New Orleans LT
Venus EST
Multiklubs LV
Galaxy LT
Nautilus LV
Gravity LT
Latvija’s Rock cafe LV
Helios LT
The Fontain Palace LV
Intro LT

Set List

2/3 times 15/20 min. Live improvisation.