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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"A buncha praise"

Outburn Magazine #16 September 2001
RATINGS: 5 - Burn, 4 - Fire, 3 - Flame, 2 - Smoke, 1 – Out
ANATHEMA DEVICE Something Lurking In the Dark (Capitalist Pig)
Rating: 5
Upbeat Aggressive Industrial Rock:
New York-based Anathema Device are led by frontman Kerry Smith, who happens to be a music and sound designer for TV and radio advertisements, network Ids, websites, etc. His previous non-commercial ventures include various industrial and goth groups, most notably a project with 99kowlaski (who sang on Front 242’s Off) called Evulva. With Anathema Device, Kerry shows off his songwriting skills in a gritty, dark industrial rock sound. The recently-completed band line-up includes Stephen Baker (keyboard), Batz (guitar), Dan Levine (bass) and Lech (drums, formerly 7 of Hanzel und Gretyl). This five track debut, Something Lurking in the Dark, rocks hard with the opening track “Gave Up” and covers a lot of sonic ground on the emotional electro rock “Confused, Deranged & Despoiled.”

StarVox Magazine review of “The Best of Gothic Radio” Compilation: reviewed by Mike Ventarola
Anathema Device’s “Gave Up” simply slams in with this song, taking us from the reverie induced from the preceding track. The angst is up to the minute with today’s harder edged underground music, yet this track is so good that one wonders how long it will be before it is included in a soundtrack somewhere. Film score work aside, the track will create a bevy of new fans seeking out more work from the band.

Grave Concerns e-Zine EP reviewed by Julie Johnson.
The first song, "Gave Up", has a nice upbeat tempo with great loops, and strong guitar hooks that have this razor like feel. I love where the band really rocks out with fierce drums, and guitars…
I really like this style for the band. They have created a good sound, not some mainstream crap you find on the radio. Aggressive, and strong electronics make up this CD. I really wished this CD was longer, and I hope the band has much luck finding someone to put out the next CD. Definitely cannot have this band go unnoticed.
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Helen Thompson: Freelance writer – Philadelphia, PA 5/14/2002
This here anathema device disc is the best self-released thing to cross my desk in a whole buncha months.

Tara Saeger: (by email)
I was cleaning out my backpack and found a flyer that one of you guys gave us for the show next saturday. I checked out your website and mp3's and decided that you guys need to come to pittsburgh and show us you stuff...

DJ Arianna: (by email)
I just wanted to let you know that I did receive your cd. I'm really glad that Christy passed my contact info along to you, I really enjoyed listening! I was loathe to part with it to the station, but hey, we gotta get you air play, right? :] Things are sort of on hold for the most part due to winter break (wpts is a completely student operated station), but the disc should be added come early january. i'll look forward to hearing more from anathema device.

DJ Morgana: (by email)
I got your CD sent today and played the second last track on today's show. I scanned the rest quickly, but will give it a better listen and play it on next week's show. It's awesome!! I'll give the CD to the other industrial DJ, too. Thanks, and we'll be happy to give it play time!!

DJ Heim: (by email)
Your CD fucking ROCKS!! I was blown away and my question is, why aren't you guys signed?

Jade Stalin: (by email)
I would just like to say that at Tokyo Rose Saturday night, you guys gave an awesome performance. (This is the girl that got you guys to sign her CD!)

Rexx Black: (by email)
Wow! I saw you guys at Irving Plaza for C7 with St. Eve and after and YOU GUYS ROCKED!!
Amazing stuff. Thanks for all the great musical memories

DJ Kantrip: (on message board)
I discovered this wonderful band in my mess of tapes, called “Anathema Device”. Oh yeah… I want more. LOTS more. I can do great things with this band’s music.
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(2001) Something Lurking In The Dark (EP) - self-released.
(2003) "Gave Up" - Best of Gothic Radio Compilation.
(2005) The Severing of Tithes (LP)
4 songs streaming at


Feeling a bit camera shy


“Yo man. Help me out here. I have to write about Anathema Device”

“Anathema Device. What can you say about those crazy fuckers?”

“Well….They write good songs.... for a "dark" band.”

“Yeah. That’s true.”

“I don’t think that’s enough though. I could write about how great they are live. Y’know, how they energize a crowd and always seem to leave people itching and scratching.”

“Yeah. Hey, remember that time Kerry mocked all those Goths and they just ate it up?”

“That was great. He did work with Voltaire. Maybe he picked up some tips. Maybe from that Saint Eve gal he played with too. She seemed pretty funny. I still can’t believe that they get to boast that Coil opened for them.”

“Yeah. Even if it was just a technicality. You know he has that weird job too. He writes music for commercials and stuff. I think he even just opened a new company or something like that. He showed me some sweet pictures of a studio that they’re building.”

“Yeah. He’s been doing that for a bunch of years. He went to music school, y’know? He has a BM or something. I guess that’s why it sounds like he knows what he’s doing. “

“ Hell, I have a BM daily. Any word on when that new album of theirs will be out?”

“No idea. I know that it’s ‘finished’, but he says he wants to ‘do it right’, whatever that means. Still, I bet he has some funny ideas for that. Spending that much time around ad people makes you do fucked-up things.”

“Like write a fucked-up bio like this?”

“Yeah. Like that.”