Anatomy of Sound

Anatomy of Sound


The perfect formula of music and lyrics that is bound to touch the deepest corners of your soul. With musicianship and friendship hand-to-hand, nothing can hold them back form inevitable future. Ambitious and talented, they strive to perfect every performance, as it’s a headline every time. AOS.


Picture this, four crazy scientists dissecting sound form down to its molecular state hoping to find something deeper within a hearer’s sensation. Envision life as their root to all equations solving puzzles one step at a time. Imagine a four piece band rooting their inspirations from greats like Bach, Pink Floyd, and Einstein.......Wait a second.....Einstein!!!!..... He didn't compose music! What are you talking about! Alright scratch that fancy beginning; Believe it or not, there is no crazy story line with events that make you fall of your seat from sitting on the edge. No twist in the plot or out of the world irony and no jaw-dropping cliff ending that occur, mostly due to the fact that there is no ending in sight. The past is inevitable. People and places are in constant symmetry creating life-altering events. Being mainly middle school hooligans, Anatomy of Sound met each other in a local church where friendships spur. Four young kids spent their time fighting forces of good and evil. Learning life values with sun setting stories of pranks, they didn’t even consider playing music. Not too many nights and days passed when simple ideas turned in to action. The four of them have found each other in the mist of their community church with music in their hearts and instruments in their hands. The future has cracked its door open. Anatomy of Sound was officially formed March 2007 A.D. with faith in something greater than can be captivated or even seen…. faith in the future... The four of friends to this day battle good vs. evil within themselves as their moral values collide with life’s simple pleasures. This classic theme that drives their inner struggle of humanity became the premises of Anatomy of Sound’s lyrical foundation. Unified ideas have created an indestructible chemistry within the members as the story begins to unfold…....



Written By: Anatomy of Sound

Hey, I want to get away
Just simply fly away...Today
Hey, I want to break away
Just be free today...Oh-yeah

Hey, I wanna live free again
No concerns in anything...Today
Hey, I'll spread my wings and fly
I'll soar into the sky...Oh-yeah

So break these chains off me
I said let me be free
I'm sick of falling down
I’m tired of laying on the ground
Just break away right now 2x

Hey, let me dream big again
Have faith to move anything...Today
Hey, let me be that shining star
Let me be as bright as you are...Oh-yeah

Hey, give me a breathe of life
With no pain or strife...Today
Hey, And I will celebrate
I am free again...Oh-yeah

Just leave your past behind
And look up to the sky
Live your brand new life
Because, you are free
At last, you are free 2x


About to re-release our newly modified EP.

Set List

The average venue repertoire consist of 5 songs (plus one encore), our sets varies per venue, but we always try to use the best of our time (30-45 min).