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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | SELF

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | SELF
Band Pop Alternative




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First EP released to be in September 2011.



ANATOPIA is a duo band, love affair, freak show, intergalactic cabaret, punk concert, science fiction film and a multitask juggling act that is at moments funny, others scary, simultaneously impressive and fragile, but mostly makes you dance.

Their music sounds like a flight through a landscape of rocks with bright colours and multiple hard edges, a flight where you are constantly a friction of a second away from smashing into a rock’s point, saved again and again at the last moment by realizing and taking a hard steer away, exhaling again back to cruising smoothly.
In a reaction to their addiction to computers they decided to do their best to avoid using them live on stage. Which means playing up-beat rhythms of electronic music with the limitation to use only sounds their body movements can actually produce in the moment of concert, may it be crashing a cymbal with an elbow or playing a cow bell with a foot.
Their lyrics are often minimal humorist word games about their obsession with knobs and interfaces distorting and amplifying human action may it be voice, guitar chord or a thought.
An Israeli music blogger once wrote that if Kraftwerk and the Yea Yea Yea's would make children, they would probably make ANATOPIA, obviously ANATOPIA has many more potential parents but the genes of these two are definitely very apparent. Other spiritual ancestors are Stereo Total, Deerhoof, M.I.A and even ABBA, Das Racist, Rage Against the Machine and Brazilian Reggaeton.
For the past two years they have been playing extensively in The Netherlands as well as in Germany, Belgium and Israel.
The coming September they will be releasing their first EP