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The best kept secret in music




1) This is a musical review by Justin Garcia:
So, you had a bad day at work.There was an accident on the highway.It took you twice as long to get home in the rush hour commute.Ok, so you finally make it home, you plop down on your coach.Now what? What do you do to relax? If it's a Jack and coke, that's fine; whatever does the trick.But try something healthier.Listen to Anaya's CD, Tedeum.Close your eyes and get soothed by the new age style that permeates the six tracks.Escape the corporate world (this is a great CD to bring in the office) and much like the Star Trekkers, get beamed to another planet.You will be transported to resplendent and rich fields of flowers.
Your mind will feel at ease on an out-of this-world landscape.
Babbling brooks will make you forget about the bills you have to pay and other mundane and petty tasks that sometimes overwhelm us.
Anaya is a Brazilian artist and an intelligent one at that.She was a Fullbright scholar from Syracuse University.
Her musical education began with piano at age eight, and then with guitar at age 13.
Her many years of music composition, arrangement, and production work translate well into Tedeum.Oh yeah, this is a great soundtrack for Yoga also.Relax.Leave this world for a while.When you come back from the Anaya experience, you'll be more prepared to tackle life's challenges.

2) The songs "Beyond" and "Skies" that are movie themes and belong to the "Golden age collection" with 2 albuns entitled "Beyond" and "Infinite melody" have been in the International Top hits in sites in France and in the Usa for several months.

3) Review by Senator Arhur da Tavola, musical editor that broadcasts a brazilian music program in the Radio Congress FM : " Anaya"s music is very pleasant to listen and has a great impact on the sensibility that overflows her inspirational kind of music. Congratulations Anaya."

4) Return to musical composition:" The need of writing musical composition and to give that to the public took Anaya back to her musical origins since 1994.She is now doing her own arrangements and production." ( abstract) - Press release from the Brazil Post newspaper by Irlam Lima, musical editor.

5) The feminine talent revelation: the song "Vivências de Cavaleiro" from Tania Mara (previous name of Anaya) was selected to the Brazilian festival of song and to the International Song festival of popular music held in Brazil." She knows what she wants", they said, and she has been considered a promising talent.

6) From an internet fan: ." I'm going in europe next week to present my work and search for a record deal.Tedeum will resonate in me through my journey and will keep me calm and focused. " (Canada)

7) From an internet artist and fan: "I forgot to tell you, I was having a real stressful, tiring day on Friday and put your music on and it did for me what it was attended to do ... released a lot of stress! I loved your music ... thanks! (Usa)

8) comentário de fan: Harmonia e sentido de profundidade, à medida que a música prossegue.Escutei alguns trechos pela Internet e gostei muito.Parabéns ! Estou encomendando um CD, para ouvir com maior amplitude.

9) Anaya, your music is timeless. Mat (Usa)

10) Review by Gods of the Music H.Hunter -


This artist, Anaya, wanted me to review this piece “Aguas da Vida (Life Water)”. It’s not that raw fact that befuddled me, but the fact that the song was Brazilian. I’m so used to ambient and all, that this was something surprisingly new. I actually have an affinity for Brazilian jazz music, so this is not too much of a foreign style.
“Aguas da Vida” is very laid back piece with some readily apparent Brazilian flavor. Not like the free-from improv pieces I have heard, this is way more structured and sounds a whole lot more direct. The piece consists of soft keys, guitar, bass, and light percussion. The guitar starts off the piece along with the bass, but the percussion and key melody soon take over. Playing in a restrained, soft and yet still progressive style, the keyboard is backbone of the song. Lending a fair amount of chill, its relaxed way of getting across to the listener serves to provide a mood for the entire work.
Joining the fray are some other instruments as well, including bass, guitar, and drums. The bass sound is similar to that of an upright bass, frequently used in Brazilian type pieces. Soft and meaningful guitar chords are played at the beginning of the song as well, to set the whole thing up. Working well on its own and as a choice complement to the bass, this guitar may not rise to the top in this piece, but it fits well in where it is placed. Percussion here is drums and samba type beats emerge as well in a distinct Latin style. Again, these are not free flowing as usual, but the sound and tone are definitely Brazilian. Overall, most aspects of this piece are nicely produced and fit well together. Overall, this is a quaint, relaxing piece of Brazilian music. It resembles the like of Antonio Carlos Jobim in many ways. Not often do I hear works in this genre, but it’s always interesting when I do. So to you, Anaya, keep up the good work. Hunter H.
11) Anaya, Your music inspires me. Your heart and determination tells me your music means everything to you. Your skill and professionalism has pro written all over you. It is not just something it is everything. Still in there playing my little computers heart out. You are a wonderful artist and get better everyday. I have seen your growth over the last year as an artist and a person. (USA, 2004)
12)Anaya - Ouvi as suas músicas e li atentamente a sua extraordinária de cultura universal(cidadã do mundo).A sua modestia esconde um talento merecedor de admiração e reconhecimento.Parabéns. Seu amigo e fã.( Brasil)
13) Anaya
Your wonderful music and dedication to your dream inspires me. You have brought the wonderful sound of music to many people in your life and will bring so much more joy to so many more before you meet the Creator. Because you are the person you are even after you take your last walk down life's path your vibrations, emotions and thoughts will live on for many years in the hearts of many. I know you don't see your self this way, but it is the truth. You have touched many people, because you have made recording and audio representations of your music you will not only live on in peoples hearts and minds, but also on magnetic ink. Your sound will be enjoyed by many generations yet to come. You are special more special than you think! (USA-2004).
14)From site
This music is very angelic.
Reviewer: Laryssa Robideau
This CD has a soothing and angelic sound that is great for deep relaxation, meditation and the healing arts. I enjoy this CD for all those purposes!

Music to release stress and sleep...
Reviewer: Music and technology
This music made me feel so relax that I went to sleep in 7 minutes. The tunes, sequences and the sound atmosphere makes you feel deep inside like a wave in the sky. It released me completely from stress.

- Several reviews



2005 Cd Requiem (USA)
Cd Overpop (USA)
2004 Cd Unplugged (USA)
Cd Skies (USA and UK)

2003 Cd Relax II (BR/USA)
Cd Collection 2003 (BR/USA)
Cd Anaya (BR)
Song Book 2003 with Cd (BR – Musimed)

2002 Cd Pop Symphony (USA)
Cd Relax (BR)
Cd Lights (USA)
Cd Prayer (USA)

2001 CdRom Overspace (BR)
VhS Overspace (BR)
Coletânea da promoshow (BR)
Cd Dimensions _Wings (USA)
Trilha/movie soundtrack to Luminence Films(USA)
Cd em Revista Áudio e Vídeo (BR)
Cd em Revista Qualidade de Vida (BR)
Cd em revista Mp3 Magazine (BR)
Coletânea Transmissions do Space 380 (USA)

2000 Cds – Overspace (BR)
Overpop (BR)
Êxtase (BR)
4D Eternity (BR)
Self Music (BR)
All Ways (Caminhos ) (USA)
Infinite melody (BR)
Loveflower (BR)
Beyond (BR)
Vibrations (BR – USA)
Tedeum (BR _ USA)
Viajante do amor (BR) – show no Palace
Encontro (BR – poesias e meditatação)
Skies ( BR – USA)
Golden age collection (BR)
Libretos de musicais new age: (Musicals)
Vibrations I e II
A Cigana
New Dimensions
Self Music (contatos interiores)

1999 Cd Inconcert (BR)
Libretos de musicais new age:
Caminhos da Criação
Tema da Rosa Flor

1998 Cd Caminhos (BR)
Cd Asas da LIberdade (instrumental) (BR)
Cd Magia (BR)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Anaya music is timeless! Close your eyes and get soothed by the new age style of Anaya. Relax,leave this world for a while,when you come back from the Anaya experience, you'll be more prepared to tackle life's challenges. Anaya, Playing your wonderful music,so many different voices, a multitude of sound. You have a very unique touch almost like a fantasy of the subconscious mind. How fluid and serene! You are my favorite!
Press release
Anaya is an unique talented artist - Composer,performer,singer, producer, from Brasilia in Brazil, although she has an international profile.Ranking of TOP Selling and HOT PICK cds in the latin genre in the
Interviewing Anaya is like discovering a world of artistic curiosities of a professional musician that is also a dancer and an instrumental performer since 4 years old: an artistic premature genius with a sense of self-taught person, she is also educated in dance, singing, art painting, drama, and maily in guitar, Piano, and in computers. With a Post-Doctorate in Information technologies in the USA(Syracuse) and PhD in England, Anaya has been travelling all over the world and has been performing in international hotels the pop brazilian music.
She has done 35th cd as an independent production that Anaya is very proud of. She is a virtual artist and promotes her musical work through an internet site, where she participates in chats and email with fans to communicate with her audience. In 2005 she produced two Cds "Requiem" in new age/ambient style and "Overpop" in trance-pop style.
Ascap(1998) and AscapAward Plus(2004 and 2005), Grammy Recording Academy(2004), AllMediaGuide-AMG(2003).