Spiritually uplifting reggae; Music of an ancient time; Thoughtful and thought-provoking lyrics.


There’s a certain dis-ease that exists in the music industry and it’s called “labels.” When one hears the term, “Reggae,” usually what comes to mind are stereotypical labels like, “Jamaican music,” and some of its more popular recording artists. This music, which is looked at primarily as Jamaican, is far from such. Other Caribbean islands, by influence as well as their own initiatives, have produced a large number of artists that can easily be placed into the “Reggae” category. Take for example the influx of musicians from the Virgin Islands that are finally being heard and taken seriously.
In 2002, Arif Anwar, after moving to Raleigh, N.C. from St.Croix where he grew up, would express the desire to make his own music. A self-taught musician, he would learn to play the drums, bass, percussions and some keys, leading to the deeply rooted island sound, “Anchants.”
Gaining momentum, Anchants played with some of the more established names to come out of the Virgin Islands roots family, as well as ones from the North Carolina, Raleigh area, where he still resides.
After taking some time away from the scene to develop his own label, "VIbrance The Arts," Arif would return to the stage at The 7th Annual Bob Marley Birthday Bash in Carrboro NC. in Feb. of 2008. He dazzled the crowd, with a guest appearance performing "Word Sound" from "Merkaba," VTA's second production, which displays Arif's musiciaship and also sheds light on the vocal and writing abilities that complete the sound "Anchants".
To see/hear "Anchants" live is a treat, especially for anyone who appreciates original music and raw talent. Lead vocalist, Arif, has a stage presence that is magnetic, and his lyrics open a window to thoughts beyond the norm. The sound is distinctive and transcendental. With it’s foundation in the heavy bass and drum patterns common to the older rudiments of roots reggae. Sets vary from smooth ethereal tracks like "Silence" "Dem Kind" and "This Picha" to the popular crowd pleasers "Aha!", "Word Sound" and "Run Duppy". Current contributors are Neal Boyek (keyboards), Eric "Bobo" Broadway (drums), Dean Erwin (bass), Brain Best (guitar) and Melvin “O.C. Irie" (percussions). A unit that has been able to move crowds virgin to their songs. Check for the sound "Anchants".
("And chant(s) for the "Most High").


Run Duppy

Written By: Arif Anwar

Run run! Duppy run, geh way from ya man!. Duppy run run yeh. Geh from ya man.
Oh no can't let it go, they wa we see dem a do wrong and expect we tip toe. Bunin' frankincense myrrh little bit a herb, demon fraid the smell and skin up dem' face so. Wa mek you think a so, simple as stage show. Heed the anaolgy all the metaphors. No matter how dem a try fe stop we inner glow, bunr a candle fe the ones that gone de down so. (Chorus)
Run the duppy(2),we no want none the negative vibes fe come round we. Run the duppy(2),this a wa mek we does call pan we Ancestry. Run the duppy(2),we no wa none the negative vibes fe come round we. Run the duppy(2).(Verse 2)
Duppy in your taxes your eating practice down to your tell lie vision can't do without it. Duppy in your sit com your evening news to the point it hard to refuse. They put duppy in your lingo gringo negro and now the whole world tun up so. Duppy everywhere, everywhere out there inna the carpenter's compass and square. (Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 3) A your Ancestry dem no wa you fe hail, they wa genetic mutation science as god prevail. Wailing mourning poverty suffering brand new day but the same situation. Knowing that your spiritual, gave you religion, religion came out of the mind of a man. Whether church or state it's still a debate one a dem a go try fe decide your faith me!(Repeat Chorus)

This Picha'(You Coulda')

Written By: Arif anwar

Children running in the world seeking justice. Mothers and fathers not knowing what to practice. In all that they reveal you better know word thier origin and meaning. Cuz many words in the English language have been design for decieving. No matter how you're upfull someone always chant a mouth full, they'll tie a rope around your foot so when you're headed for the top they've got a good pull. Well since they're tossing negation put prayers in your idetation'. Could be the burning of candles or the pouring of water as libation, still I say...
(Chorus) You coulda' Anchants running rhythm every day they'll find some negative bout' you to say. What's wrong what's wrong with this picha?(x2)
Women should never have to raise their children without fathers! But the perpetuation of seperation make us fight one another. A young lady should never have to feel threatened by her own brother. That make us as guilty as the one with guns on the street killing one another, still I say. (Repeat Chorus)
Don't mind denomination Earth is what we all have in common. Endowed with a conscious, automatically we should know right from wrong. So when you see your brother progressing, just simply count it as a blessing. Don't go diggin at an open wound, bring it a dressin.
still I say. (Repeat Chorus)

Word Sound

Written By: Arif Anwar

Red, white and blue - and thier 50 stars are the satellites watching over you, (and me too). Blue green and brown, colors of the heavenly waters, the vegitation and the ground. Green is a pure source of light (a so dem say), it is of ancient antiquity and it represents the right. Word sound is the power! This is what motivates every tic toc every hour. Ites, gold and green, this still identify Itiopia, Africa on the scene. They come with their cross to intervene, don't have to call names you know who we mean. They come as an effort of relief and then inject you with the vaccine (ouch).They claim it's to help you heal but it cause sickness to reveal. Side affects include headache and dizziness you better off a cartwheel. Their philosophies and food can't feed more nourishment in corn meal. We are not enticed by wickedness Babywrong you done loose you appeal.
(Chorus) I man, a charge!, across the field across the sands all oceans and lands hail I ma...a charge!, in a word sound in a word sound in a word.(Repeat chorus)


All of the Anchants' tracks get airplay.

Set List

Original Music including:
"Word Sound"
"This Picha"
"Dem Kind"
"Run Duppy"
"Ghetto Eyes"
"Aha!(A Vibe)"
"Fire Blaze"