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Charlotte, NC | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Charlotte, NC | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Indie


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Amazingly Enough, Anchor Detail"

"Amazingly enough, Anchor Detail, a young fourpiece from Charlotte NC, somehow manage to sound like a cross between the Stockholm Monsters and Crispy Ambulance. You should check them out."
- Scott L. Telles, Fatalist Monthly magazine - Fatalist Monthly magazine

"ReverbNation – 3 artists – some might just want to listen to!"

...I came to find one of my favorite things in a ReverbNation campaign – a local to love! This lead me to Anchor Detail. A bold new alternative band to help the ‘90s wave POP again? I sat down with the band to get a little insight on what the band has coming up and their views on our local scene and all the changes happening lately.

S16: New band on the scene, what made you guys decide to get up and do music?

Anchor Detail: Our story started out as an exercise in songwriting. Our singer, Tatu, had a handful of ideas and lyrics that he felt could be sculpted into something coherent. In our basement laboratory we mixed our diverse musical influences and penchant for melancholy into a few songs with enthusiastic results. Encouragement from local artists regarding our demo lead us to our first live performance. Following that show our priorities developed from infancy into a full-fledged artist endeavor.

S16: You are labeled alternative was that an organic choice, I’m sure you all have varied backgrounds I hear a definite sludge rock vibe in your song “Not Pass You By,” basically what do you think you should be labeled if not “alternative?”

AD: As a band we identify mainly with the classic “It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll” attitude, but you can call us alternative if you like. We’ve certainly used the alt designation with our online presence when we are asked to specify a genre. Our influences are quite varied so we try to have a sundry of songs. Yeah we got sludge, but we have some elegant stuff too.

S16: What is a dream tour/gig for you?

AD: We really want to hustle our way into some of these local festivals. The dream gig is making it onto the Hopscotch marquee. Right now we’re focusing the totality of our efforts on having our music heard throughout the Charlotte circuit.

S16: Why, Anchor Detail?

AD: We wanted a name that conveyed the feeling of descent or of simply existing at the nadir. The anchor detail is the crew that releases the massive anchors for ships, the same way we hope our songs are clubbing listener’s attention.

S16: How do you see the Charlotte scene right now that it’s in a bit of a flux. Some really predominate venues in the area have all recently shut down….

AD: We believe the community leaders in Charlotte need to work harder to support its artistic subculture. It’s difficult to look at changes like losing the Chop Shop or the legendary Tremont and not dread what’s next on the horizon. What’s happening right now to the left and right of the Thirsty Beaver is disheartening. Those people are trying to run their business and support themselves and families. Businesses all along Central and in NoDa are being muscled out by big money. It’s atrocious. That said, developers need to try harder to kill off local live music in Charlotte because there’s a wealth of fantastic bands and performers in the local scene with enough drive to overcome this artistic deforestation.

S16: It’s seems the 90’s alternative/grunge era is in full swing again and mass popular with the kiddies who weren’t even embryo’s yet when it all came out.

AD: It’s all cyclical, and what’s old will become the new, hot thing once again. Listeners today have greater access to music now than we’ve ever had before so it is an amazing testament that the sound of that era endures today. It’s obviously an influence to us and we believe its mark on music in general can’t be overstated.

S16: What is in store for Anchor Detail?

AD: Our self-published EP came out in the summer of last year so we’re currently hard at work on new material. We expect to record again at the end of summer and have a new EP to shop around in the fall. In the meantime we look forward to seeing everyone out and about in the bars and clubs of Charlotte. - Shutter 16


Tiki Dreams (self-released; Sept 9. 2015)
Enabler (self-released; Jan 8. 2018)



Origin: South Charlotte, NC; Sometime in 2014. Long time amigos Jeff Tatu, Seth Telles and Travis Brown found enough commonality sonically to commit to a modest collection of fuzzed out rock tunes to delve into live gigging across greater Charlotte and beyond, ultimately leading to the D.I.Y.-style production of their debut EP Tiki Dreams.

At the tail end of a no longer welcome 2017 that took much and left little, joined a year and some months earlier by drummer and classical guitar adept Christian Loebs, this 80s post-punk-inspired, 90s emo-rock-derivative rock and roll group finds itself poised to release its sophomore record at the new year. Enabler, a menagerie of alt-rock bangers, displays Anchor Detail's fully formed penchant for punishing rhythms, eloquent yet skull-shredding guitar arrangements and corrupted, frank to the bone lyricism. The regret, resentment and despair expressed verbally among its songs belies this band's true self confidence, with feet planted firmly forward as rock music expressionists through 2018 and even further into the unknown.

Anchor Detail released their second EP, Enabler, in January 2018.

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