Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Anchoress is a punk band from Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Anchoress came to be in 2010 and hit the ground running. Just months into their existence the band, consisting of vocalist Rob Hoover, guitarist Keenan Federico, drummer Chris Lennox-Aasen, and bassist Ricky Castanedo, pulled together their first full length, Set Sail. Anchoress quickly followed the release with a cross Canada tour. After the exhausting trek, they went right back into the studio to release their double-EP-turned-full-length album, Crime & Compass on File Under: Music. By the release of album #2 Anchoress became a staple of the Vancouver punk scene. Their infamously wild live show and their unique mix of hardcore punk aggression and post-punk versatility grew a substantial fan base that packed venues, record stores, and basements throughout the rainy city. Though most at home ripping apart local haunts, they are no strangers to bigger stages. They have opened for acts such as Gallows, Baptists, Single Mothers, Guttermouth, Cancer Bats, Trash Talk, Nu Sensei and many more. Since the release of Crime & Compass, Anchoress toured up and down the whole West Coast, Western Canada and the prairies (again), and stayed active as a local band in the Vancouver punk scene.

Last year, the exhausted but determined quartet holed themselves up in their practice space once more to write the 12 songs that would eventually become their recently released EP T.E.P.F.K.A.L. (The EP Formerly Known As Lemonade), and their third and most ambitious effort to date, Anchoress Is Ruining My Life. With their third full-length record the band ventures into challenging and unfamiliar territory, opting to write a record that was loud as opposed to heavy, that transcended the post-hardcore / punk tag they had called theirs for so long. Taking cues from bands such as Title Fight, Touche Amore, and Drug Church, AIRML tears through the best and most dynamic 10 songs in Anchoress’ discography. From the introspective epic that is opener “Live On The Air” to the punk ferocity of tracks like “Your Career Is Over,” and into the shoegaze drone of “All Colours,” the album bends and blends genres together seamlessly, sounding like something familiar but entirely new all at once — Undefinable but surprisingly relatable punk. Lyrically, the album stays true to its diverse nature, touching on subjects such as the vapid hole of social media, police brutality, chronic illness, and life as an independent band in the modern age, all siphoned through Hoover’s critical eye and enthralling story telling. The album was recorded at Rain City Recorders in their hometown of Vancouver, BC with Jesse Gander (White Lung, Blue Monday, Subhumans) behind the board, giving it his own trademark clarity and energy.


Anchoress Is Ruining My Life -- Oct 4, 2016

T.E.P.F.K.A.L. -- May 10, 2016

Crime & Compass -- Aug 12, 2014

Set Sail -- May 14, 2013

Party Hard single -- Mar 11, 2013

Set List

Recent set list

  • Your Career Is Over
  • Foul Bay
  • The Goddamn Guitarzan
  • -
  • Icaro
  • Fir
  • Torrential
  • -
  • For a Soft Heart
  • The Fuzz
  • -
  • A House Burning Down
  • The Miskatonic Mariner