Anchor The Tide

Anchor The Tide

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

Anchor The Tide is an innovated brand of music that will be continuing to progress in new and different directions. We are always working on new stuff with every move we make.


Anchor The Tide rose up out of the Tacoma/Seattle underground in late 2010 like some monstrous and utterly captivating car-accident-in-progress. Hitting the ground with an immediate full head of steam the band has gone through a few member changes and have just recently solidified their lineup with Atlanta native Brandon Whitley on vocals and Tacoma locals Rory Peterson and Trevor Tapia on guitars. Also from Tacoma, bringing the rhythm are Anthony Jones on bass and Nick Filhart on drums. The band has just completed writing and recording their EP release produced by Joel Casey Jones of Blessed By A Broken Heart and are looking to be on tour the summer of 2011.


There's a Snake In My Boot! - Single
by Anchor The Tide
Release Date: 07-May-2011

by Anchor the Tide
Release Date:11-Jun-2011